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... While I respect your opinion of the fentanyl patch - based on your own experience, I would hope that you gave up the habit of nibbling on other pain meds. You're playing with loaded dice when you alter the way in which you take your prescribed meds. (7 replies)
... I was first put on .25mcg. of Duragesic and used the Mylan brand as it was available from both Walgreen's and Walmart. ... (7 replies)
... I was only on Vicodin, which is ineffective for me. After the second surgery, my RSD did not flare up because I was on Duragesic for severe chronic pain AND on Oxycontin for postoperative pain. ... (5 replies)

... I've been taking Duragesic patches 75 and Lortab 10 for breakthrough pain. ... (2 replies)
... Every drug affects someone differently. To say Duragesic robbed you of life, is not a very good way to discuss your reaction from the drug. ... (7 replies)
... I was in the exact same situation as you 3 or 4 years ago--I started on the patch 25Mcg while still in the hospital after pancreatic psuedo cyst surgery for drainage and an acute very painful attack--of course while in hospital I also was getting IV morphine--after I got out, dr started me on the larger (50Mcg) patch--for about a month--still not enough--to make a long story... (11 replies)
... I am due a refill of the oxycontin 10 mg this weekend, so again it a bit of a fight. ... (7 replies)
... I continue to have skin reactions to the Duragesic patch and will probably be switching to long acting Oxycontin. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for your reply.. I was thinking my PM doc would have RX'd me Oxycontin since I am already on Oxy IR and it works. Especially since we were discussing how the medication works well for me just doesn't last long. ... (16 replies)
... Hello, I am on Oxycontin 30mg two times a day and 10mg percocet for BT pain....I dont really like the up and down feeling of Oxycontin that much although it does give sufficient pain relief. I am wondering about the Duragesic patch and the effects of it. ... (11 replies)
... Stopping Oxycontin and being put on Fentanyl (Duragesic) patches was the BEST decision my doctor and I ever made! Oxycontin messed with my head-I never felt quite "right" and I needed frequent adjustments in the dose to manage my pain. It made me depressed and I would cry at the drop of a hat. After 7 months of misery, my doctor suggested the Fentanyl patch and it has been a... (11 replies)
... that kind of "jumping out of your skin" sort of feeling. The oxycontin helps alot for me personally but, I still have days were I need a dose or two of percocet for breakthru pain. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I was on Oxycontin for the past 1 Year and Six Months but my body had tolerated it. I told my PM Doc and he changed me to the 50mg Duragesic Patch. However, I find that the patch does not work on the third day and I feel like I have nothing on during my Break Through pain days. ... (2 replies)
... Doc is prescribing me Oxycontin. I am taking 3, 10mg in the morning but lately it doesnt't seem to be lasting until my next dosage. She wants to put me on the Duragesic Patch. I am wondering if anybody can tell me what exactly the Duragesic Patch is. I know it's a painkiller but is it better than Oxycontin for Pain? ... (3 replies)
... also on Oxy IR, 30 mg q4h PRN for BT. I did do a brief stint at 160 mg QID, but my doctor didn't feel comfortable with me on that much, so he switched me to the Duragesic patches. ... (15 replies)
... As far as discontinuing Duragesic it's a matter of how large are the steps when your coming down. ... (32 replies)
... Mylan's matrix patch is NOTHING like the BRAND DURAGESIC MATRIX patch. Mylan was HORRIBLE!!! ... (67 replies)
... Friday I will finish my Oxycontin script... ... (28 replies)
... Hey Pookie, Ifoxycodone works on your pain, I would push for oxyContin or the generic version. ... (1 replies)
... I saw my pain management doctor on Tuesday morning and he gave me a prescription for the Duragesic patch to try. I got my usual dose of Oxycontin but got 2 boxes of 50 mg. patches. He said this is a low dose and wants to see if it has any effect on me. ... (5 replies)

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