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... Survived my first epedural yesterday! The staff and the Dr. were wonderful at helping me relax before the procedure. ... (15 replies)
... 3 Days later and NO PAIN when I woke up today. I thought it was a dream at first and I did not want to open my eyes. I feel a little stiff, but that is it. I am so relieved. Dr. wants to do another series in 1-2 weeks. Now I am on heat and finished with the ice for now...... Thanks for your support and personal stories. Betsy :wave: (15 replies)
... Glad you are feeling a little better today. Is your pain in a different area from your original pain spot? Three holes sounds better than eight to me. Are you icing? The ice is helping me more than anything right now, especially with the swelling. Keep in touch. Betsy (15 replies)

... Glad all went well with you, I sure wish i was asleep with mine,lol I too am feeling better today, day three for me...but still my pain scale is higher than pre shot, hope it keeps getter better for the both of us... keep us posted, after reading how many holes you had i checked mine and I have three, good luck Angelia (15 replies)
... I did get relief from the epdural, but was sore and swollen around the injection sites and about 6" down my back. I am petite and very sensitive to any shot given to me anywhere. I am continuing to ice today and the soreness and achy feeling is better. Compared to yesterday I am in much better shape. Ice is my new best friend right now. I was told to expect this achiness... (15 replies)
... You did not get any relief from the epidural? I was told that if I had a herniated disk I would get relief for about 4 hours and that is what happened. Although one time the doc that did one of my injections did not do it right and it caused me a lot of pain afterward. I didn't mention that in my previous post to you because I didn't want you to go in thinking they might... (15 replies)
... Jonathan, Thanks for letting me know I am not the only walking and talking pin cushion in town! I had no idea they poked you so many times at once, but with so much pain I am glad he went for it. Now I wait to see & pray I find relief. Hope you are having a day not filled with pain. Betsy (15 replies)
... I was fully awake with all of my lumbar epidural Steroid Injections back when I had all of them, and yes it was painful, only because of the pressure really though. But I was having 7 injection sites at a time and yes every other week I had that series of injections for a total of 21 injections. Which did'nt provide me with no permanent relief but alot of people I know... (15 replies)
... I have had the injections in my lumbar. Not anything to worry about. Believe me there are much worse tests they can torture us with Just a lot of pressure in the spine. I was pain free for about 4 hours afterwards because my injuries were herniated disks. They don't work for muscle or tendon injury. Good luck to you, Carol (15 replies)
... Yes I got meds through an IV, but only enough to relax you, I remember everthing... I hope all goes well today, and keep us posted. I am on my 2nd day now and still in pain, I have been told it sometimes takes three days to kick in... good luck Angelia (15 replies)
... Trauma Girl ~ Did you have the meds through an IV? I talked to the reception at my PM office, and she said I will not remember much.....Hope you feel better tomorrow. I am so wide awake right now and so nervous. Should I ask for pain medication before the procedure? Not sure the pain will go away, and I have been told you really ache the next day at the minimum. Hope... (15 replies)
... I had my first ESI today, the md gave me a versed, fentenal coctail, and I was awake durning the whole procedure, it did hurt and burn but it was over quick, I am still waiting for it to kick in, I am still in pain, good luck tomarrow (15 replies)
... Thanks for the encouragement! I will put a post as soon as I am up and around. Looking forward to being pain free and hopeful for a brighter New Year too. Happy New Year too. Betsy (15 replies)
... I had a bulging disc that had ruptured and spewed gel onto a nerve root.I did precocet and anti-inflammatories, then steroid pack and then a ortho surgeon told me I would need an operation to remove the problem.I had been on my back(literally for 10 days). I decided to try pain management and it was greatest thing I ever did. I had a great "shooter". He shot me right where the... (15 replies)
... Hi, I have had these injections in the cervical area, make sure that they are doing this under flouroscopy, this is important because they can see and guide the needle to to the proper area. I always get some sedation because I have a fear of this procedure also. You are not completely out but you are relaxed. Just call and tell them you want some sedation, most Doctors... (15 replies)
... I was hit and injured last Feburary 20 in a car accident. I have a bulge in C5-C6, bone spur, and absolutely unbearable pain right now. Been down the road with P.T. , 4 Drs. and now find myself at a pain clinic. I am set to have my first epurdal tomorrow, but I am so frightened! I take Perc. for pain, but it does very little to nothing to relieve my pain. The oddness of... (15 replies)

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