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... I have had good luck with Watson generics with my other meds, work better than alot of brands. Do you know if this is the case with the patches too? ... (3 replies)
... As Brian said, ask your pharmacy to order the Sandoz for you if possible. Watson is also a good brand to try. ... (3 replies)
... It could very well be the Mylan brand like Ex is talking about. Now if she was using the Mylan (25 mcg) and putting 2 of them on and doing fine and then possibly went to maybe the Sandoz brand 50mcg I could definitely see her being near the point of it being too much or a mild overdose. What brand were the 25mcg and what brand were the 50mcg. You can tell right from the... (5 replies)

... vicoden its usally different and would go thru the insurance. its so crazy. my pharmascist will try to run it five days before i usally get it so thats good. the watson was alittle better, like it worked for a few hours to a day and then the mylan dont work at all its so yucky. ... (19 replies)
... How did the Watson work? ... (19 replies)
... to a different pharmacy that actually keeps the Sandoz brand in stock. But if you are required to go to one pharmacy then you really need to have them order the Watson or Sandoz brand a week before you need them. ... (19 replies)
... fills, specifically ask the pharmacist to order the Watson or Sandoz brand for you. You will need to call about a week before your refill date and order them. ... (19 replies)
... I am on the patch and would say that you will probably notice the effect starting at 12-16 hours and then it peaks around 48-72 hours. It will probably continue to level out and take 1 week before it really become ablsolutely stable so do not go up on the dose for at least 1 week unless the pain in unmanageble. I know someone mentioned puking and the same thing happened to... (19 replies)
... Sandollar--what brand is your patch? I only ask because if it is Mylan(blue box), then I would get another brand--either Watson or Sandoz and see if they help you more--in any case it takes a couple days for the full effect--just a thought-whit (11 replies)
... I have to personally say that the New Duragesic Patch design is by far the best. I had been using the generic watson one's and was, for the most part, happy with them. I am on the 75 patch. ... (67 replies)
... Which fentanyl patch are you using? ... (11 replies)
... Amide brand now since they still have Malinkrodt in stock . At any rate, thought that this was a another interesting piece of the generics puzzle. If Watson is so expensive, why do any pharmacies stock it at all? ... (20 replies)
... ric ready and distribution righs sold to another company to market the generic. They also have a Carfentanyl patch in the in clinical trials called Chronogesic. Fentanyl breaks down into carfentanyl wich is the stronger metabolite. They have a long acting version of Oxymorphone "Numorphan" ready for final aproval. ... (20 replies)
... eaper acquisition costs...But they are still reimbursed back to "averge" wholesale, which is an industry standard. So, if a big chain can cut a good deal on say Watson patches, then it makes sense for them to stock them, but other pharmacies won't, thus, you can't find them. ... (20 replies)
... It looks like your response regarding the new patch design has been added to an old post. I will tell you that Watson still produces the fentanyl patch with the gel resivoir. My sister uses them and her pharmacy orders them for her every month. I do not know if they have plans to switch over. ... (67 replies)
... ave done it this way to start with. Conversely, as the original inventor of the patch, they elected to go with a gel pocket design. It provided very consistent fentanyl drips through the skin barriers. ... (67 replies)
... So even thought the amount of Fentanyl varies between them, are they tested to administer the same amounts of the active drug? ... (39 replies)
... I am a long term fentanyl user. I disagree with what you were told. First, there are several makers of generic patches. Duragesic is the brand name. ... (15 replies)
... Walmart and they are ordering Watson fentanyl patches for me to pick up tomorrow. They normally stock them but didnt have enough for me because of 15 a month dose. Luckily I had enough mylan left to make it. ... (20 replies)
... Yes, I am using the Watson now--I love them--same as Sandoz or name brand--they do have the gel in them as well--like name brand--I am on the 100Mcg and they have a tab on the end for easier removal I guess--But, like I said--they are comparable to Sandoz and my insurance covers them without me having to pay the difference (like I did with the Sandoz)--Very happy with Watson... (9 replies)

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