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... expensive pain medication for chronic back pain. I hope this is clearing up my frustrations, questions, and concerns somewhat. If not, it's because of the dumb Fentenyl Patch making me feel "drugged up" JK. Lol. Ok. The first visit I had with him, he prescribed Oxycontin. I bought 10 and they helped greatly. ... (6 replies)
... I had another MRI done. I haven't found out any results back of that one yet. I'm starting again on the Fentenyl Patch 25 mcg. every 72 hours. ... (6 replies)
... IMO,there is ZERO chance you are going from a Fentenyl Patch.....esp after you stopped taking hydrocodone for 2 months as you stated. ... (5 replies)

Jul 17, 2009
... I have been on both. The fentenyl is quite strong. ... (11 replies)
Fentanyl patches
Dec 3, 2007
... for about two weeks was then released with two 75 micro gram Fentenyl patches, she went to sleep after a visit from home health care nurses and a very good dinner and when 6. ... (2 replies)
... ld want to use....Fentenyl is out...tried it once, in the summer...would not stick, wasted more then I used, and also because of the hot weather, too much of the fentenyl was absorbed and I started to get sick from it. Do not know where to go from here... ... (9 replies)
Jul 19, 2009
... I am not pain free but the meds allow me to function without all the bad side effects of the other pain drugs out there. If you doc was willing to give you the fentenyl for your pain, then he should be willing to give you the MS Contin 60 or 100 mg. Let me know how it works out for you. ... (11 replies)
Jul 18, 2009
... Hi, I've only been On LA meds for a month and my doc put me on Oxycontin to start with. Started me out at 10mg 2X day plus my Norco for BT pain up to 6X a day and I was using all 6 for the first 2 weeks, I mentioned this to him and he upped me to 20mg of Oxycontin 2X a day plus my BT meds. STILL taking 6 of them, so I don't think we've found my dose that will help yet. ... (11 replies)
... Am I likely to have the same allergy issues with a Fentenyl patch? ... (9 replies)
... ng acting, then short acting meds are given for breakthrough and again can be any of the different meds, hydro, oxy with and without tylenol, dilaudid, morphine, fentenyl and tramodol. There might be a few others. ... (8 replies)
Aug 15, 2006
... tart everybody low and titrate up with Methadone. It can be an unpredictable drug and everyone reacts differently on it. Just because you were on Morphine and Fentenyl patches prior doesn't really matter when it comes to the starting dose. ... (6 replies)
... with Roxicodone, 30 mg q 4h, prn. So you see, I've been at rather high doses of other meds. The Fentenyl was 100 mcg TID, with the Roxi for BT. ... (9 replies)
... dose he prescribed and like I said, it's the med you'll be getting when he does the block and you get "Twilight Sedation" and they give you Versed and Fentenyl. Fentenyl is what the Duragesic patch is. ... (32 replies)
... Question?? Its has been a while since I have done anything besides read along. My fusion (L3-L5) in Dec. failed miserabley but I finally have a GOOD pain specialist (I used to post about my surgeon dr. devil :nono: ). I use Duragesic patches 25s, but due to a new insurance (UGGHH) Can change only every 3 days instead of the 48 hrs I was doing (which was much better!). The... (4 replies)
... vs allergy. You can use the jansen link to get An Idea of camparable dosages of other strong opiates. From fentenyl the most likely choices would be one of the long acting morphine products or methadone. ... (8 replies)
... mcgs fentenyl patch daily. The Suboxone works much better than the opiates did for me. ... (7 replies)
... So are you feeling over medicated (not having much pain and feeling drugged) or is it that you have a lot of pain still but the drugged feeling is a side effect? How much oxycodone are you taking? Taking 15mg of oxycodone four times a day would be 60mg, which is actually a lot compared to the would be about equal to another 25mcg + patch, so more than your long... (6 replies)
... Hi, I know the frustrations trying to keep the patches on sometimes. Especially in the summer when you sweat more and may be in the pool or the ocean. As far as keeping them on, as others have suggested be sure to have the sight clean prior to putting it on, no lotion or anything in the area. The tegaderms really do help but as someone else said, if not adhered properly you... (6 replies)
... You probably know this but, it does help to clean the area with alcohol before applying. Also I hate the brand I get at Walgreens but the ones I get at Kroger work much better. I do have a scrip to change them every 48 hours cause they would not work for three days. I am getting ready to get off of them tho cause I hate having no control on what my body is getting. For some... (6 replies)
... Could you summarize what your questions are? Have you asked your doctor if you can change them more frequently, such as every 48 hours? Are you saying that they literally aren't staying stuck, or don't work that long? If you aren't already, try using covers on them, like Tegaderm. If the patch isn't sticking, you also aren't getting the full med amount. You can also get... (6 replies)

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