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... After much advice from everyone I decided to try Ex's suggestion of Metamucil to get things moving. I was a bit hesitant because I've tried it before and it didn't work at all, in fact I thought it made it worse. ... (11 replies)
... ave found it to work great. I'm on about as many meds as anyone, and I don't have any issues. I get a great BM in the early AM and then one again after lunch. Metamucil has pure husk fiber which gets everything out along the way. I take it after dinner....2 heaping tablespoons in glass of water.... ... (1 replies)
... In general, I think one has to be careful when you do things that mother nature doesn't intend for you to do. In this example, constipation is a known side effect of narcotics. Why? ... (20 replies)

Constipation Help!
Jul 10, 2009
... I know a lot of people recommend Mirlax, but for me, Metamucil is the best. ... (29 replies)
... t it's working for you! I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there, and that's why I try to help others. I've tried literally everything, and for me, Metamucil is by far the best. Nothing is worse than being constipated, so I've felt your pain....Literally. ... (11 replies)
... Miralax is a good choice for folks in pm. I think its a bit more expensive than metamucil and I used it faithfully UNTIL I came on here and tried Ex's recommendation and switched to metamucil. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your troubles. The tablets don't work...Not for what you need anyway. Someone on high levels of meds, needs the fiber like Metamucil that you mix with water. The tablets may works for someone not on meds, but the overall fiber content in those tabs is very small. ... (11 replies)
... if you are keen to try it, it's best not to take your LA meds within 2 hours of taking metamucil if you can. Just to be safe and make sure that they work. ... (11 replies)
... mucil. It's pure husk fiber....Very natural and safe. Best to start low and slow, and work upwards. If you get gas and bloating, you've taken too much. Using Metamucil is like eating a bunch of fruits and veggies. You can't go wrong. ... (29 replies)
... by Krit provides info about the antifreeze. Also, there is lots of information about this constipation issue in the thread....A great resource overall. ... (13 replies)
... previous I had nasty constipation from hydro and took metamucil and that helped things come out better but before the topamax I never had the blood though, now I do, just like you described. ... (13 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 14, 2009
... his Dr told him that he should take Metamucil everyday for the rest of his life but he refuses. He can be so hard headed! ... (29 replies)
... I take two tablespoons of metamucil every night and it's the best thing ever...but I have to take it every night. ... (29 replies)
... there is a smooth metamucil available that's much easier to drink. Have u tried this one? ... (11 replies)
... Does anyone know if the Metamucil chewable fiber tablets help the same as the kind that you mix in with water? ... (11 replies)
... There are so many great posts about constipation and a lot of recipes, and suggestions from all of us who have been down the same road. ... (29 replies)
... I have had all sorts of problems with constipation over a number of years and tried lots of different remedies. ... (18 replies)
... inflammatory agent at the same time, it's good for constipation relief and reducing inflammations in the intestines due to constipation. They also contain anthocyanosides known to eradicate certain viruses and bacterias. ... (29 replies)
... I initially had OIC fairly bad, started taking metamucil but eventually stopped as bowels became normal again. ... (6 replies)
... I also take Metamucil for my medication induced constipation. I take one capsule in the morning with my other meds and one capsule at night with my nightime meds. ... (7 replies)

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