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... IMHO, I would stay away from the Miralax. It is polyethylene glycol, which is a cousin of ethylene glycol (antifreeze). However, some have had very good success with it. There are a number of threads I would highly recommend on the subject of constipation and pain meds: "Constipation from Oxycodone"... (13 replies)
... I have to chime in about the Miralax because I did not think it was helping me much in the beginning either. You have to take it for at least 3 days in a row for you to start becoming regular. ... (29 replies)
... FDA is pulling "unauthorized" pain meds that are perfectly safe from the market in the interest of "consumer safety," while it approves and leaves products like Miralax on the market. It never occurred to me that I might be putting one of antifreeze's chemical cousins in my body every day! ... (29 replies)

... Tara- Before you take Miralax, you might want to do a little research first. It's not something I want to put in my body on a regular (or even irregular) basis. Not only does it disrupt the balance and absorption of minerals in your body, but its primary ingredient, "PEG," is a close cousin to anti-freeze. Research has shown that the amount of PEG excreted is less than... (24 replies)
... ould also be that you are so constipated that when you take the medication it causes bad nausea. I know this happens to me and I have to make sure that I take my Miralax every night. ... (24 replies)
... Great point. I've preached this before on this site, and I'll say it again....The absolute best solution, IMO is Metamucil. It's pure husk fiber....Very natural and safe. Best to start low and slow, and work upwards. If you get gas and bloating, you've taken too much. Using Metamucil is like eating a bunch of fruits and veggies. You can't go wrong. For me, I take... (29 replies)
... It works wonders for me. I also take a generic brand stool softener as well and it helps the Miralax work better! I would highly suggest trying both! As an aside I have been on pain meds for nearly six years so I definitely need the help with constipation! ... (29 replies)
... I'll be sure to pick up the Miralax tomorrow when I do my grocery shopping because the Senna is just not cutting it and the stomach pain is now more annoying than the nausea. ... (24 replies)
... Yes....If I miss just one day, things change...I've never missed two, however. This is why I have a bit of an issue with the Miralax. However, Metmucil is pure husk fiber....Very natural. But, if the blueberries work for you, then all the better. Best of luck to you. Regards, (29 replies)
... Brianpain33 and Ex, thanks for all the advice. I have been able to get myself turned back around after having the stomach flu and then going to completely stopped up --by using a little of both of what you suggested in this thread. After getting things going I have stopped the metamucil and miralax (I alternated them for a week to break the dam). At least I have a routine... (29 replies)
... warm water helps. I know people swear by miralax but it didnt do much for me. ... (29 replies)
... I don't really know about Miralax being "bad" for you or not. However, I can tell you that my PCP doctor recommended it and also a gastroenterologist that I saw recommended it as well. ... (29 replies)
... er supplement...he said that those products can actually increase constipation in opiate patients. He instructed me to take a Senna laxative. He also said that Miralax is very good, though it can b quite costly. ... (29 replies)
... drug reactions with Fentanyl, Oxycodone or Norco. ... (64 replies)
... Agreed Opana is probably out of reach financially. I'd present your current situation to your pain doctor and see what they say. Short acting oxycodone sounds like a good plan of action before jumping to the Fentanyl patch though. Or, have you tried Tramadol ER? ... (67 replies)
... I would try cutting down or completey cutting out the Tylenol 3s. Mixing codeine and oxycodone is probably not the best thing. ... (9 replies)
... ipation is now before it gets worse. It will probably not get any better and is going to get worse the higher doses of morphine you go on. I use a product called Miralax and I find the best deal to be at Walmart. ... (9 replies)
... or stool softener. Miralax is my favorite. ... (37 replies)
... or stool softener. Miralax is my favorite. ... (37 replies)
... Thank you all for your great responses. -Brianpain33, Right now, I have cut back to Oxycontin to 2 a day and feeling somewhat of a with drawel feeling. I will think about what you said about the combo of oxycontin and codeine and ask my pain doctor when I see him this week. Because I have been on Tylenol 3s for over 6 years, starting at 3 a day and working up as my pain... (9 replies)

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