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... by doctor their strengths. I was saying that the methadone is better for chronic pain suffers like that person was. methadone is better for long term use whereas percocet is not. The percocet and oxycodone are very nasty drugs as people tend to get angry and have other side effects and should only be used for short term use. ... (6 replies)
... recommending specific meds should be left to a Dr.....And secondly, methadone is a very serious med that is often used following trial and error of other meds. Percocet is a short term med used for acute pain, while methadone is very long acting and used for chronic pain. ... (6 replies)
... s, sorry about your pain. I had that problem when I was 20, ended up with a full blown hysterectomy and was on percocet for 2 years. The sooner you get off that stuff the better. It tends to make most people angry. You would be better off taking a low dose of methodone. ... (6 replies)

... I can tell you that the Tylenol 3's are much lower in strength than the Percocet. The Tylenol 3's are about as strong as Vicodin. I would avoid taking 3 of the Tylenol 3's at once since that is an awful lot of acetaminophen at once. There is nothing wrong with taking a Tylenol 3 with a Percocet. Please be careful though because this combination will probably make you alot more... (6 replies)
... I was put on birth control for about a year it did not help me. I still ended up depressed with a full hysterectomy at age 20. I also was given percocet and tylox for the pain. Was on the meds for nearly 2 years and had a hell of a time getting off the pain meds. ... (6 replies)
... rimary doc is on vacation for another couple of days. I still have the T3s so I'm trying to use them, but two isn't really cutting it. Can they be mixed with a percocet or can you take three? ... (6 replies)
... o Dr the next week and after going through his range of motion experiments it made things worse, but it didn't hit me till hours after the exam. So he prescribed Percocet 5, 325mg 8x's a day, and Ibuprofen 800mg 4x's a day or as needed. ... (11 replies)
... Pain in bed was a 1, getting up and about is a 5. I'm going back to a normal dosing schedule starting with ibuprofen at noon, then Percocet at 3pm, Ibuprofen at 6pm, Percocet at 9pm etc.. ... (11 replies)
Percocet question
Jan 12, 2009
... out liver and Tylenol risk. I think I'll keep my mouth shut about that sort of thing from now on. Even though I just mentioned that I was doing research about Percocet because I didn't know anything about it, which was true and it mentioned the liver issue. ... (7 replies)
... My normal doctor is on vacation and over the weekend I feel and re-injured my right arm/shoulder/shoulder blade which I have been taking Norco 5-325 since November for. I ended up seeing a different doctor at my Doc's office, and was prescribed Percocet 5-325 (was going to bring up to my Doc's that the Norco's were no longer effective at our next appointment anyways). ... (3 replies)
... Typical dosing is every 6 hours, so if you find Percocet stimulating, try taking it at least 6 hours before bed (so its likely to be mostly no longer in effect). If you are going to be on this med long term and often need a pain med in the evening, ask your doctor about other options (most opioids are more likely to cause sedation than keep you up; the oxycodone in percocet... (7 replies)
... I'm on 2 60mg MS Contin per day (for 120mg total) and also take Percocet for BT (90 every 3 months). I never did ask why the directions on the Percocet say to "take 1 every 4-6 hours as needed", but we did discuss that I should not be following those instructions and should only take 1 if I feel that I need it. These days Percocet does next to nothing for me (been... (8 replies)
... I really can't tell you about the grinding up of the pills. But I can tell you that percocet contains Tylenol and oxy where the oxycodone does not. ... (5 replies)
... Hey Woody...The amount of Oxycodone you were getting from 5-7 Percosets a day was 50-70 mg. Now with the Oxycontin, you are taking 20 mg BID, which is only 40 mg per day. No wonder you feel like you are going through withdrawal. You probably are!! In addition, a large percentage of people on Oxy, cannot get by with 12 hour dosing. They need 8 hour dosing. I was one of... (7 replies)
... Hi stupid feet, I thought when i read your meds that you were given the morphine long acting & then a mild bt, the oxycodone & a stronger bt the dilaudid. I just wanted to encourage you because it took 5 years to find my perfect combo & we have even dropped the dosage in the last 5 months & it is still working even after 8 years. It surely makes it harder when cost is... (4 replies)
Dec 16, 2012
... Dear stuarm, From what you have said here, I think and i certainly could be mistaken, that when the dr made the next appt in 2 wks & gave you bt meds every 4-6 hrs that your dr is intending to raise your f patch in 25mcg increments every 2 weeks according to how much pain relief you get & by seeing a reduction in use of bt meds, imo.. If it were me, even though I... (12 replies)
... Finally made it off the percocet merry go round. ... (11 replies)
... r on, just doing passive range of motion. Beginning to hate wearing the brace. Pain right now is a 6 with only Ibuprofen when I'm moving around. I gave up on the percocet for now, although we'll see tonight if I give into the pain. ... (11 replies)
... Hi PM, Acute post op pain is really very different than the way long term chronic pain is. If you able to reduce your pain to a 1 when sitting and walking around at a 3, then you meds are working beter than most people post op. Most surgeon are just looking to take the edge off while you recover, Their goal isn't to make you completely comfy, If they did you woul likely... (11 replies)
... n just be from being inactive and sitting around, Percocets don't cause all the things your complaining of. And they were correct, for after joint surgery pain, Percocet is usually the strongest pain med they give out. From the dates you mentioned in your post it looks like your 4 weeks post surgery? ... (11 replies)

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