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... I have had chronic pain for about 10 years now. Mainly in both knees, left hip and lower back from arthritis, scoliosis, a slipped disk, and chronic bursitis. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I've also had my gall bladder removed due to stones and infection. Did the docs not explain that you would have "fantom" pain and attacks for a while, sometimes months. It won't last forever, I promise. ... (5 replies)
... This is why those who have gall bladders removed laproscopically have such bad shoulder pain after surgery. ... (16 replies)

... CPAP machine has worked wonders ... not for the midline pain though but the sleep recoup has been remarkable! ... (4 replies)
... ear and while I was working with a PM clinic, the main lesson I learned, as you suggest, is to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding your pre and post op care. ... (5 replies)
... Im dealing with undiagnosed pain myself, and my heart goes out to you!! ... (11 replies)
Jan 3, 2008
... It all started with an incisional hernia after one of my laparoscopy surgeries. They said that it was small, and would cause no pain. I had pain however, all the time. It was really bad when I strained the muscles there. ... (6 replies)
... Feelbad, man that was a hard story to read. Mad me mad. That nurse practioner should be in jail. I read your post three time, and while its pretty early here and I just woke up, I didnt see how your son is now. He ok? ... (12 replies)
... I have recently joined this board...seems like a lot of knowledgable compassionate folks. I am in a dilemma with my pain management and would really appreciate ANY help or opinions. ... (15 replies)
Long Road
May 18, 2010
... Then finally I heard the sound I had been waiting on. It was the paramedicis. They removed my friend Rick first as he was laying on my lap. I felt the searring pain as they removed him. He had only broken his jawbone and they wired it up and in a few days he was out and ready to go again. I was not so lucky. ... (2 replies)
... en I can. I was reading all that you have gone through and some of which sounds so much like me. I have had a hysterectomy because of very bad problems, I had my gall bladder removed, I had my tail bone and broke it and suffered with the pain as well, I have TMJ very badly,Back, leg problem and on and on. ... (23 replies)
... Hello, Where do I start, well I guess from where I believe my pain started. I was sexually abused from age 4 on up by an uncle, second grade teacher, a close friend of the family and a doctor. ... (23 replies)
... As far as I know, I've 'been that way all my life.' Actually, I don't KNOW that I have, since the first time I was ever prescribed opiates was for postop pain when I had my gall bladder out. ... (7 replies)
... I have been posting info in the old thread and am gonna post in amin the rarck up letter I sent to the director mum's away so I had to carry on the rottweiller tradition. ... (2 replies)
... I feel that the surgeon that performed my gall bladder removal surgery was negligent in informing me of all the possible, but not likely, problems that could occur. ... (6 replies)
... I have experienced menstrual cramps on a monthly basis since well, since I can remember having my period hehe. Now that I have chronic pain due to my gall bladder surgery and take meds for this, I still experience the period cramps and headaches for some reason. ... (12 replies)
... op "phantom" pain for well over a year. The surgeon said it was par for the course and we found other surgeons backed his story. ... (13 replies)
... I experienced no real issues from the sudden cessation of the dilaudid meds. However, the hydrocodone was not enough for the post acute pancreatitis episode and I did have a gall bladder surgery on day 11 of the hospital stay. I could of used some stronger meds. ... (15 replies)
... I am new to the board, but have been reading for quite some time. I also had MAJOR problems after having my gall bladder removed in June of this year. I went to my surgeon's office at least once a week for seven weeks with infection and was treated like I was wasting his time. ... (6 replies)
... Vicadin is weak and I wouldn't expect that to help someone with a knee replacment and or a removed gall bladder, what strength did you take it might have been a 500mg there are much stronger ones than that. ... (7 replies)

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