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... Well judging from what you're stating your options are, with an unavoidable fusion staring you down, wouldn't it make sense to get the fusion while you are still 57 and not 63? Don't get me wrong I'm no doctor but the way my mind works is I look at all my options and ask which path makes the most sense? To me, if it (fusion) was indeed inevitable it seems to me the likely... (58 replies)
I Have 3 Choices!
Sep 21, 2010
... mg x 4 day. Also, predisone 10mg! The predisone is causing weight gain and my face is swelling. Doctors' said I need to get off the predisone asap. The predisone is the only thing that will allow me to continue to work. When I'm off them my right leg is unbearable. The lortab probably helps alittle. ... (58 replies)
New Here
Jan 19, 2005
... So I had many flare up's and he would put me on a course of predisone for 3 weeks and that would sometime help. But after 2 years of taking the plaquenil I wasnt feeling any btter with my pain even wrose I felt. ... (16 replies)

I Have 3 Choices!
Oct 19, 2010
... I can hardly work as I am. Percocet and predisone are keeping me going. Without them I could not work. ... (58 replies)
... Oh, I'm just thinking & wishing out loud. I SO want to take a pain pill right now but since I only get 4 short-acting percocet 10/650 per 24 hours, I try to hold off until early evening. My only relief from pain is when I'm sleeping so I save my percs for rest. Can't go to a pain clinic because there are none here that accept Medicaid. Ever since I've been off predisone... (8 replies)
... I am going nuts.... I had posted prior on an different thread and I was complaining about my doctors lack of sympathy for anything that I am dealing with. I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and a bulging L4-L5 disc. I am only 32 years old. I hurt every single day. The first doctor I was seeing years ago when my osteoporosis was found at 30... (3 replies)
... California Chris Jusr read your post--I am not/nor are Dr's sure if the predisone caused this--It is certainly one possibility. I also went through 10 Day Intensive Cytoxen Chemo-therapy while an in-patient at Jackson Memorial in Miami--Then on Interferon Alpha injections for 2 years etc. etc---Any or all of these could have caused my problem with pancreatitus,MS.ADEM--who... (9 replies)
New Here
Jan 21, 2005
... Hey Dave, Yes the med's I'm taking for my auto immune disease are the normal protocal here in the States and all over the world. My doc try to keep my off of predisone whenever we can, I havent taken any since the time it nearly killed me I have been too scared to take it even though there have been time that I should of taken it to try and get my joint over the... (16 replies)
... That's the goal is to avoid prednisone. Thanks :wave: (17 replies)
... That will be hard since he has a history of bleeding ulcer's. I just know theres other options out there for him. There's just gotta be some. I am terrified, he's terrified we aren't even sure exactly whats causing the inflammation. Is it the rsds aka crps or is it the ankylosing spondylitis or something completely different all togather? we are so frustrated and we are... (17 replies)
... Indomethacin is another antiinflamatory that has good fighting properties but isn't a steroid like predisone so you don't swell up from it but it can cause stomach discomfort so you have to be sure to take it on a full stomach. ... (17 replies)
... What exactly is AVN???? Dana (9 replies)
... Well they aren't giving it to him specifically for RSDS RSDS is just one of the many problems my husband has. He also has Ankylosing spondylitis. I don't know which disease is causing him severe inflammation. The inflammation is ravashing his body. Not to also mention that he has every disk but the top in hios neck either herniated compressed or buldging he has 2 bone spurs... (9 replies)
... My husband was prescribed Prednisone for a hernaited disc on and off for 6 years before he had surgery. After another 2 years of aching hip joints and a misdiagnosis of Bursitis,he was found to have AVN in both hips. He has already had a core decompression done on his rt hip but it failed so he is now scheduled for a hip replacement in Feb/05. His left hip has AVN also but it... (9 replies)
... GoddessDana, I have had RSD for four years and been an active member of many boards since then. I've never heard of anyone using Prednisilone for RSD. Have you tried asking on an RSD board? Maybe someone there might be able to give you some insight. x Kate (9 replies)
... Yikes I'm gonna have to come back and read that whole thing you wrote. Wow it sounds like youre wife is in awful awful pain like my hubby. I am not familiar with CMT. Yeah my husband has similar problems he is already dealing with rsds and that in itself is a horrible ordeal for anyone to go through or watch thier spouse go through. You sound like you have a plate full too... (9 replies)
... I just wanted to mention this to anyone who is taking pred and is also taking any SSRI for depression.The combo can and has caused people(my son included)to end up with a rather obscure form of bi polar disorder called bi polar III.My son has been on pretty low doses of pred now since his liver transplant back in 2000.when he was Dxed with depression,he was started on... (9 replies)
... Hey Dana, My wife had used pred since 88 to control inflamation from broken bones, post fusion, ankle reconstructions all since 88 for her condition called CMT, It's a degenerative genetic defect that causes deterioration of muscle and nerve in her extremeties. The condition as gotten so bad when they did the last ankle recpnstruction when the doc pulled on her heal capsule... (9 replies)
... I do agree with Vamp, each person does react differently. For me it made me very hyper, gained weight, caused migraines or headaches, upset my stomache, diarrhea and increased my libido (which isn't such a bad thing). Being he is male he won't have to worry really about the excess hair growth. I do advise that if he is a caffiene user he cut down or cut out as it will only... (9 replies)
... I have been on Pred for about 7 months now. I suffer from an Autoimmune disorder. My immune system is attacking my liver. Unfortunatly, Pred is the only treatment there is for it. There is no cure. I have been on Various doses of Pred. There are many side effects to it. For me though, the side effects are worth it!! Like all meds, different people are affected differently. The... (9 replies)

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