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... se by the FDA's actions this week. See Executor's post on that. If you can find a pharmacy that has enough to fill your script I'd take it, regardless of which manufacturer it is. ... (29 replies)
Roxycodone 30mg
Mar 3, 2009
... Has anyone else had any problems filling their prescriptions in Florida for the Roxycodone 30mg tablets? ... (1 replies)
... ment I took 2 at once and boy! Thats how a 30 should work, so I feel like Mythbusters on the discovery channel! This is why i am asking for other views as far as manufacturer for 30mg's goes. ... (29 replies)

... regarding a generic version of Roxycodone has anyone had problems with "Malin"? ... (29 replies)
... Crazy considering they also manufacturer the bulk oxycodone that most pharmcuetical companies use to make their own versions of brand name oxy products. ... (29 replies)
... the one to go with is the one with the incribtion R 215 on it . its made by AMIDE. thats the one i have been on for 2 years and have tried malin and ethex. ethex is the worst of the three generic brands . i promise u!!!!! (29 replies)
... Hi Director, The Roxane would be the "brand" manufacturer would it not? ... (29 replies)
... This is for anybody that is taking the 30mg oxycodone for the first time. Please be carefull with that med. it is severly addicting and also an abrupt stop from it will cause some serious withdrawls that you do not want to go through. It is the best pain killer on the market in my opinion but it is harder to get away from than crack. (29 replies)
... Try asking for the actavis brand. I myself found that the M's didnt work as well as the other brands. The A's may cost a couple a cents more per pill but it is way worth it. Thats my advise for you its what I did and I am moch happier and less pain free with my choice. Good Luck. (29 replies)
... I just had Right Knee Total Knee Replacement 3 weeks ago. I have been on Opana and Oxycodone for over a year with arthritis and fibromyalgia and just plain old chronic pain. after i had surgery my pain doc upped me to 4 of the oxycodone 15mg a day plus my opana. it did not even touch my pain at all so i went to him yesterday and he put me on oxycodone 30mg 4 times a day... (29 replies)
... There is some accuracy in what you post. There can be a lot of cost in terms of bringing drugs to market, but given that the Gov't gives them exclusiveness for 12 years, it more than makes it a worth while investment. Pharm companies are some of the most profitable organizations in the fortune 500. The results speak for themselves. In addition, generics cost a lot less... (29 replies)
... The reason that Generics are cheaper are because when a company wants to market. per-say, a new drug, they have the go through years of extensive testing, after testing, clinical trials, etc... they have to get a patten for it. The cost for developing a new drug varies widely, from a low of $800 million to nearly $2 billion per drug. And with all the phases of testing they... (29 replies)
... which is more effective of the Mfr:: Malinkrot 30MG or Mfr: Ethex 30mg? which do ones work better? Thanks Michael. (29 replies)
... Well I just want to thank everyone for there input. I obtained the info I was seeking, Shore- that was a very interesting post of yours about the pill actually being tested. It's all about making that almighty dollar! Thanks again everyone who posted! I appreciate your input! Regards, Mud. (29 replies)
... Shoreline, Kerri, Mud, and others, I just want to reiterate that I AGREE completely that some generics/brands feel stronger and other feel weaker. I definitely have my preferences. For example, I do not care for the Teva generic of Oxycontin. I also never liked the Mallinckrodt products...I found their "norco" very weak -- although I have used their 15 mg oxycodone and... (29 replies)
... I agree with the AMIDE brand -- I usu take the AMIDE 30mg but was given ETHEX when the pharmacy ordered EYHEX 'by accident' -- I can say that the AMIDE brand is definitely more effective. (29 replies)
... Hi Wren, I'll admit I don't understand the exact meaning of oxycodone HCL base, However it's simple to find what the FDA allows as far as varriance, the variance is there for a rerason as I explained before. If you guive 100 people 10 mgs of oxycodone, your going to get a plus 20 -30% variables in actual serum levels. The idea behind this is to produce a med just as effective... (29 replies)
... They definately differ... sorry did not finish post.....I have taken all three generics of roxi and I have heard and taken generics vs Brand of the Oxycontin and Brand definately works a ton better than generics. The brand for instance "Oxycontin made by Purdue puts out a patten for a couple of years and after that you get generics cheaper because they only have to meet a... (29 replies)
... wren, that is not accurate......the "brand" name is npot even available at pharmacies anymore ( i contacted the maker) . The generics only have to meet a certain standard to pass FDA requirements. The generics that each have 27 mgs of oxycodone have that but each generic puts a different 3% of substitute in their pills. For instance..... Lets take Oxycontin ... there are... (29 replies)
... Hi Wren, Bottom line is even though the same ingredients are used and the same amounts gives a perfect "non-arguable" theory that they are in fact the same. I fully agree with that, but I have tried so many different brand names of one single medication and somehow, someway there is a difference. Myth or not, there is a difference. I guess we will be discussing this topic for... (29 replies)

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