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... one topamax web site I went to when I started preps you before you take it and tells you that you need to be willing to give up soda cause it is going to taste like '... ... (117 replies)
... I take topamax for migraines and for back pain, presumably nerve pain although I have no diagnosis for the back pain. Topamax has helped my migraines a lot and my back pain some. I have lost weight on the topamax and can attribute the weight loss directly to the topamax. ... (6 replies)
... here's another strange Topamax side effect. I'm tired but wired at the same time. ... (117 replies)

... Yes, Funny you said that because lately I have been leaving off things from my plate like potatoes. I have decided that pototoes are the Devil (that what I Joking say when I think a food makes me fat or goes straight to my hips) potatoes also make me terribly sleepy if I have them at lunch and I don' really like potato chips that much anyway. It is like mindless eating... (117 replies)
... t and I don't know how much of this very long and very great post of BlasterBoy's you have read or how much research on the internet you have done in regards to topamax and it's weight reduction side effect. ... (117 replies)
... Anyway, I was glad to read in the last post that a doctors visit was going to occur to have the word loss checked out since it is occuring after the topamax was stopped and I hope that everything checks out ok. ... (117 replies)
... I take topamax for my migraines and headaches and it works very well for me when nothing else did. ... (117 replies)
... ould cause problems, like seizures, you have to slowly go off of it. Always talk to your dr. first. There is a thread further down the page called "Calling all topamax users" Or something like that. You"ll find a lot of interesting info about topamax there. That's where I found out all my info. ... (10 replies)
... no matter it sounds like BlasterBoy is getting great benefit from topamax since he has been able to reduce the need for other meds. ... (117 replies)
... I used Topamax for Migraines for about 5 years. ... (117 replies)
... Funny story, I had to go down to our local bar friday night while my daughter went to a dance and thought I had better not have a beer while on the topamax so I ordered a pop off the gun. Told the bartender it was flat, so she gave me a can of coke. Told her that was bad too. ... (117 replies)
... ry and I stop eating when I feel even a little bit full. My migraines are better that they were before but I still get them. I no longer have daily headaches. Topamax has alos helped my back pain because when I forget to take topamax the next day my back pain is not controlable with vicodin. ... (117 replies)
... In time that seems like a lot of weight to put on with the neutotin!! wow. I don't blame you for not wanting back on that. I am going to see if I can take the topamax earlier than I normally do, to see if I can funtion better or sooner in the day. I take it 12 hours a part right now. I guess that's the best way. ... (117 replies)
... There are a lot of people on the boards that take both the topamax and the neurotin. How long is your dr going to give the topamax a try? ... (117 replies)
... I take Topamax as a mood stabilizer. It has been very helpful for me and works in conjunction with Wellbutrin XL, an antidepressant as a combo mix. ... (117 replies)
... I have had a little change in side effects with the topamax and don't know what it means. ... (117 replies)
... Gosh, the more I read, the more I realize the effects Topamax had on me and I didn't realize it was Topamax! ... (117 replies)
... then I got one. After I started taking the topamax I felt the same way you do!!! ... (117 replies)
... I think if the Topamax works on the same 2 receptors in the brain as the neurontin plus 2 others.... ... (117 replies)
... Hey guys the Topamax and Lyrica mix is working well. ... (117 replies)

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