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... I have been taking Endocet 10/325 for 4 years for break through pain. This month my pharmacy switched from their regular endo to watson generic 10/325. I noticed an immediate difference in the strength/pain coverage of the new generic. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what is a patient supposed to do? The new generic compared to the endo brand is 1/2 the... (2 replies)
... Different companies use different fillers in their meds, and you may be noticing something there. But usually Watson does a pretty good job. ... (2 replies)
... I take..Now these I think I CAN tell....My pharmacy used to change one me..One month would be the white ones with the M367...The yellow with Watson on it and the darker yellow with the V on one side...The white ones I would complain about..The pharmacy hasnt given those in about 2 years... ... (7 replies)

... Just an FYI,I have used many different watson pain meds over the years and actually feel they are normally pretty superior in quality than some others i have tried. ... (2 replies)
... i saw that the pills were totally different. i have always had white pills with m367 but the ones i got today are yellow with watson 853 on them. i asked the pharmacist and she said they are from a different manufacturer but they are the same. ... (8 replies)
... I have a bottle of 5/325 (512) generics from Watson. I don't like them. I feel itchy, slightly numb and my head spins :confused: just a little bit. I requested a bottle of generics from Endocet, the makers of Percocet and only have slight itching with no other side effects. Good luck and take care of yourself, Chad (4 replies)
5-325 Vs 5-500
Mar 10, 2006
... Hey Arranger: Just so you know, in case it comes up in the future, Watson does make a generic Hydro 10/325. They're a blue tab and that's what I took (and asked for, I might add) when my doc had me on Hydro. As for the methadone/Methadose comparison, Tina is right when she says you can tell the difference in the two. When you get a 15-20% reduction in the Hydro, it makes... (12 replies)
... the 10/325 is actually very similar to other oxy/apap type generic meds,the same old white round tab. mine was from Watson. if you want to go without any tylenol,there is always the roxicodone tabs,they just have oxy and no tylenol. just a thought. tho in your particular case,the tylenol may be really helping too,so you may not want to completely drop that,you know what i... (9 replies)
... marcia - - thanks for getting back to me , big help.. I had surgery on 2.20 and just started taking the oxycodone last friday.. My P.M doc says take rhem every 4to 6 hours or as needed for pain , I usually take about 3 a day.. I no the tylenol intake is not good , but i think I'm safe at the dosage and the amount of pills that i am taking per day.. If you take 10/325 there... (9 replies)
... Sandollar--what brand is your patch? I only ask because if it is Mylan(blue box), then I would get another brand--either Watson or Sandoz and see if they help you more--in any case it takes a couple days for the full effect--just a thought-whit (11 replies)
... my apin doc ordered me this month again percocets 10/325, i requested generic b/c i cant afford the brand, the the pharamcy i use..uses waston products any takes on this wether it be goood or bad , let me know :bouncing: (4 replies)
... mg is a registered trademark of Watson Laboratories, Inc. ... (1 replies)
Actavis Percocet
Jun 11, 2015
... ake of getting my Norco filled at a pharmacy that stocks Watson.Not only did I get no pain relief,I went into withdrawls a couple of hours after my first dose of Watson Norco. ... (9 replies)
Actavis Percocet
Jun 11, 2015
... ake of getting my Norco filled at a pharmacy that stocks Watson.Not only did I get no pain relief,I went into withdrawls a couple of hours after my first dose of Watson Norco. ... (9 replies)
... You could ask your doc to reduce your Tylenol to the 325 or maybe go with an Oxy IR that is Oxycodone only. You can always buy a bottle of Tylenol if you need and take one with it if you are needing it for pain. ... (2 replies)
... one made by Watson, but I think that's just what my Pharmacy stocks. The only thing I would tell you is, no matter what you get, I would try to keep the APAP at 325 mg. Especially if you are going to be taking them a long time. It adds up and you needs to keep that level down so as not to screw up your liver. ... (4 replies)
... not happy with all of that tylenol. The pharmacy filled it with the Watson brand. ... (9 replies)
... all the hydro products either contain 5, 7.5 or 10 mgs of hydrocodone and various amounts of apap from 325 to 750 mgs per pill. The max single dose of Tyelenol at one time is 100mgs or 4000 mgs per day. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, I hope that you all can help me figure something out. Last month I went to my Pain Management doctor. He changed my medications from hydrocodone 10/500 to oxycodone 10/325 (mallinckrodt was the manufacturer) which I could take every 4 to 6 hrs. This month the PM doctor wrote the prescription for oxycodone 10/650 (watson is the manufacturer). The label says I... (2 replies)
... i would also check out what other specific generics they may have as the above poster mentioned as the watson version too(watsons version of hydro IS a good one. reliable in the overall hydro amt in it)? they may have some other 'form" of the 10/325 hydro/apap with the same exact dose as norco availiable. as long as your doc does NOT specify a specific generic or brand or DAW... (6 replies)

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