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[QUOTE=chriscwharris]My head just feels heavy at the moment, and numb. Anyone else get that?
Feels like it's a struggle to keep it up. My left arm has been numb aswell for a few days.

My anxiety has been a bit bad recently so it's probably all related. But it's a very uncomfortable feeling.[/QUOTE]

I get this, too. For me it is like a numb, tingling sensation over my scalp and face along with a feeling of severe pressure. A couple months ago I had this feeling constantly for almost 2 weeks. I also have numbness in my arms and hands sometimes.

Take care~
[QUOTE=chriscwharris]to add to the list I seem to hve a burning feeling across my chest tonight, feels like sunburn type of tingly burning.

Boy am I fed up with this...[/QUOTE]

The good news is the burning feeling eventually went away! The bad news is my head still feels weird, heavy, numb. My left arm still feels numb and tingly. Been having a bit of nausea aswell, not sure it it's related or not.

I feel like I could just go to bed and sleep for hours!

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