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I was kind of alarmed when I read your post because I actually have a brother who wound up with a SEVERE alcohol problem that went on for about 12 YEARS! Guess how it all happened? He was in high school at the time and was having panic attacks. He found out that drinking kind of relieved his panic attacks (but of course, only on a temporary basis). This poor guy lost everything from 12 years of drinking - his driver's license, every girlfriend he had, many friends, jobs, money, etc. Until one day he ended up in a near fatal car accident (drunk of course). He hasn't had a drink since!

The problem with drinking alcohol to relieve panic attacks is that it is very short lived. It is only a temporary fix. After the high wears off, you are in fact, in worse shape then before - only craving it more, dealing with hangovers and feeling "down", and not at all really working on the root of the problem - and that is dealing with the attacks. In fact, my brother told me, he panicked even more while he was drinking. Alcohol changes your blood chemistry, brain chemistry, is very addictive to many people, and if you are prone to any type of sugar problem, be it hypoglycemia or diabetes, it can have devastated effects.

In fact, if you are on antidepressants/antianxiety meds you really shouldn't be drinking anyway.

I would say, try and work on relieving your panic attacks by going to counseling, anxiety disorder meetings, reading on this disorder, and really doing the exposure work necessary to get out of this.

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