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Re: I feel stupid
Nov 21, 2003
[QUOTE=lori j]Pam, it's unfortunate about the health field not being educated or understanding. I have a short example of it. A friend of mine is a Lab Supervisor, has a masters degree & was let go from her job for having to be hospitalized for a week due to her depression. She has been in Lab work for many years & has never had a work issue due to her performance. If hospitals, of all places, do not recognize it & understand it, how can any employer in any other field??? Sad![/QUOTE]

It must be the medical field ;) I too have Panic with Agoraphobia. Just developed it severe, within the last month. Learning and researching, has led me to realize, that I've always suffered with a bit of anxiety, especially social, but always thought it was me. (My personality)

I'm also in the medical field and I thank [B]GOD[/B] that I am, for the mere fact, that they [B]Truly[/B] understand. I've been out of work now, for over a month, and don't plan to go back for another month, maybe longer. They call me all the time to see how I am doing, ask if I need anything, and tell me to take my time and to get better. Also, with all I'm going through, thank god I'm in this field, as my benefits, from being in this field, could [B]NOT[/B] compare, to any other company out there. Meridian is [B]WONDERFUL[/B] I have an entire support team of people who understand. Our teaching university is the best, and again, I'm thankful for them!

Also, my doctor has explained and from what I have learned, I've developed this severe and so sudden, as I let all my symptoms go, for way too long. I had over the years, [B]Situational[/B] panic attacks. So what happend was, I came to avoid places, and situations, over the years. When you do this, it turns into Agoraphobia, and your attacks become and everyday part of life. Don't let them go. Trust you me. Seek treatment, and if meds aren't what you want, you need to seek CBT. The only known therapy, thus far, to be [B]proven[/B]
[B]WHEN[/B] done by a professional. He or she, will decide, as well as your doctor, if treatment is needed. I do both. CBT and just started on Zoloft. My life saver. I also take xanax, PRN

There are many reasons for panic disorder, and most of the time, it's not a disorder. Can be panic attacks caused by so many different reasons. Which is why, CBT, is so important.

One that has been proposed, which could link panic and psychosis in at least some patients, is stress-vulnerability. Within that, vulnerability to psychosis of a
stress type constitutes a continuum, ranging from a tinyf raction of individuals with enormous vulnerabilities to the majority of the population with a negligible vulnerability. In between, there is a small but important percentage of individuals with an intermediate vulnerability. According to this, any of a variety of stressors could push an individual past his or her threshold point for the
expression of psychotic symptoms, if the stressor was of sufficient

The stress itself could be of any sort: biological, psychological, or social. Theoretically, a panic attack in an individual who happened to have panic susceptibility as a coexisting diathesis could also act as an endogenous stressor. I had [B]SEVERE[/B] you have no idea, stress in my life, do to my job. This IMO, pushed me to my breaking point, thus causing chronic panic like symptoms, which agoraphobia, became so severe. The worst part, of panic. Don't let it go. Get the treatment you need. Like my doctor said, sooner or later, it [B]WILL[/B] come out, full blown, if symptoms are there, and a trigger appears. So strong, you'll be blown away, as in my case.

Good luck to you ;)

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