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Hello, I am a 18 year old male. Just a brief background on me, I have had a good childhood, good parents, no problems in the house, nothing bad in my past that might of triggered such a terrible disorder.. I have been smoking pot since I was 15 but stopped about 2 weeks ago because pot began to gave me anxiety and even panic attacks for the past 2 months or so, so i stopped it completely.. The problem with me though, is its not really panic attacks now, I haven't had one in a while, its that I am CONSTANTLY feeling out of place, feeling a bit dizzi, sometimes light-headed, generally feeling out of sync.. And this is the thing that triggers my anxiety, My 'out of sync' feeling reaches a peak of feeling so lightheaded that I begin to get the symptoms of a panic attack.. fast heart rate, butterflies in my stomach, etc..

I have learned to calm my self down a bit, but this feeling of being out of sync is constant, it has gotten real bad the past 2 days or so, its with me when I wake up, its with me when I goto sleep.. I COULD take my mind off of it if im concentrating on something like talking to someone, or doing something enjoyable, but life isnt supposed to be enjoyable 24/7, when Im at work i feel it the worst.. Do you guys thnk im suffering from an anxiety disorder? I have a MD appt. on monday, but just wanted to get some help from you guys before the appt.

also, I do not have any other problems like talking to people or being in public or anything like that... also, I have noticed this feeling of unrealty very briefly and I can remember very well when I was about 13 or so, I was sitting in a handball court with a friend of mine and it struck me for a few seconds.. Its the same feeling you get when you smoke pot and get a really intense high.. But its with me ALL the time... but I haven't really had the feeling up until when i described it above..

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