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[QUOTE=dragonballwizard]Had a bad week. It all started on black friday. I decided to try shoping at walmart that day. (big mistake!) I got caught in the crowd and was hit with carts and could not get to the front of the store to save my life. I had a panic attack that day that was different from the other panic attacks I had before getting on paxil. I am on 20mg and may I add this is the first attack I have had sense starting the meds.
I can tell you it freaked me out. I felt like I was not there even though I was, almost as if outside myself. I also had white on the side of my eyes kind of like a tunnel. I felt as though I was dying and I had finaly lost all control.
To top it off I had an appointment with my BM doctor today and I registered and everything but ended up leaving before the appointment something I have never done. I feel like the harder I try the more I fail. I started to sweat real bad and shake so I got the heck out of there.
What is wrong with me? why am I failing? this is very depressing. I am worried about her thinking I don't want the help because I left...I did call her to ask if I could get another appointment.
I feel lost and disapointed in mysself

Awww hun,

Please don't be dissapointed in yourself. You are probably going through symptom shifting, which is a good thing. Your mind is on the way to healing. I also had a panic attack while on my medication. Mine usually happens at night when I'm feeling all looney toon. It's enough I wake up not knowing where I am because it's dark and I can't see, then to top it off feel this crawling all over my skin and feel like I'm going to die. It's all a mind thing and it will heal in time.

You just got a little scared and freaked and that caused you to panic. The feeling of being out or beside your body is normal. I would get that all the time and I would see dots flying all over like I was going to pass out.

Do you take any benzo's like Ativan, Klonopin, or Xanex? I am on Klonopin and I bring it with me everywhere I go just in case I start feeling paniky. I too feel over anxious around a crowd of people. I start sweating and everything. I feel like I just want to leave all the groceries behind and run right out the door. This is normal with panic. Your body just needs time to heal.

I hope you feel better soon and let me know if you are on any benzo's.

Chantel :angel:

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