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I had an ekg,echo, monitor, complete bloodwork up, 3 years ago and again 2 weeks ago because of skipped heart beats, flip flops, thuds, etc..E'thing came back perfect both times. BUT......a week AFTER having all these test, I was sitting at my putor when I felt a kind of thud, then my heart started racing. It seemed very irratic, light and airy feeling. This heart thing "caused" me to go into a panic attack state. About 20 minutes later, my heart did another thud and my heart went back to normal rythmn...the panic disappeared as quickly as it started. I drove myself to the ER while this was happening but as soon as I got there, it quit. I decided to go into the er anyway. They hooked me up to an EKG machine for about an hour. My heart rate was alittle fast but I was so shaken up by the whole thing, so I knew why it was up. They told me my heart was fine and sent me home.I had never had this happen to me before so I went all over the web trying to figure out what had happened. I typed in panic attack and tachycardia, in my browser window...there were alot of articles that came up stating, that in their studies, 60% of women who were told they had panic attacks, actually had Paroxysmal Tachycardia. Both have the same symptoms. racing heart, feeling of impending doom, sweating, fear of dieing, over breatheing, feeling out of control etc... I am wondering if anyone else here has ever had this happen? I am not talking about the "normal" fast heart rate that occurs with a panic attack...this fast heart thing "made" me have the attack. It's very hard to explain, but I am hoping someone can help me out here. I'm wondering , even though I just had abunch of heart tests..if my heart is really ok, because, this thing happened AFTER, all the tests I had and the dr.s didn't get to see it. Years ago, in the 80's, I suffered severe panic attacks which escalated into agoraphobia, so I do know what happens with the heart racing thing during panic attacks..(with the help of Dr. Claire Weekes books', I cured my self) this was heart "made" it happen. If anyone has ever had this happen, please let me know. Thanks

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