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I was diagnosed three years ago with having anxiety/ pannic attacks. I was bullemic for about two years in high school and when my parents found out they drilled into my head that I damaged my body and I got so scared and started to believei t..thats when I had my first "anxiety" attack. I felt dizzy , like I was going to pass out, my heart was racing, I was having difficulty breathing, etc, and I made my mom call 911. These attacks started happening every day and it was very frightening- I didnt feel better unless I went to a hospital and was checked out and everything was ok. I was put on ativan for anxiery and zoloft. THis helped alot but the "attacks" still happened at least once a month. I felt so out of control when they did, becasue every time I thought I was going to die. No matter how many times something similar happened before and I lived, I was always afraid that there was something wrong that they never caught, and I was going to die that time. Sometimes my heart rate went up very high- one time it was up to 200. The paramedics were very worried and insisted that I should go to the hospital- my parents were so frustrated with this and always said it was just anxiety. Every time I had a physical symptom of something, like headaches, I would worry that I had a disease or something and that I was dying. Death is my biggest fear- or at least dying young (Im 21 years old now) and thats what made this so scary for me. Sometimes I would be sitting in class and all of a sudden my mouth went dry, and I felt like I couldnt swallow and my heat started racing, I felt chest pains and very disoriented. This scared me because it wasnt like I was thinking about anything to make me feel anxious. When it happened at times like that it would convince me even more so that something was seriously wrong with me. I went through so many tests, mainly the doctor just wanted to put my mind at rest- MRIs, CT scans, EKGs, echocardiogarms, blood tests, and they found nothing wrong. Well actually, one time it was found that I didnt have enough fluid in my blood- something syncope...and I was prescribed a type of steroid but I never really took it. I went for a second opinion and that cardiologist didnt think I had that even though he didnt test me for it. They thought that I had tachyarchadia at one point but even that was eventaully ruled out after wearing a monitor for a month. I always felt better after being told that I was healthy, but every time I would experience another phsyical symptom it would upset me and I would think something was wrong. I get thses "attacks" about once a month now. When it happens it completely takes control over me and I cant think about anything else. I get so upset and afraid that something is physically wrong with me and that I mgiht be dying and no one knows it and no doctor has made the right diagnosis. It just doesnt make sense to me that I keep feeling these things. Some of these symptoms I have often are twitching/fluttering near my eyes..tingling sensations throughout my body...dizziness, feeling as though Im gonna faint..feeling as though Im gonna fall when Im walking...lightheadedness.... The feeling that most recently has been bothering me is the dizziness...I feel it practically every day. I broke my nose a year ago and since then one of my nasal passges i blocked so im not breathing properly and on top of that i have slight asthma suppsoedly- Ive been coughing all the Im hoping...that because Im not breathing right, its causing dizziness. But I still cant help but worry that something is wrong. Then yesterday the back of my head was hurting and I noticed a very small lump. Its only been there for day so far but it really hurts and of course this is worrying me too. I started to think that maybe all of it is somehow connected- like I have a brain tumor.. My grandfather died of a brain tumor..... I dont know waht to do anymore. I cantt talk to anyone about it cause they are sick of hearing it. But Im restless. Does anyone have any advice? Please help! Thanks in advance

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