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[QUOTE=rainswirls]I dont think I cant take this much longer! Ive been paniking for 3 days straight! I cant stand It. I wont leave my house! Im scared to go to sleep! my heart keeps on getting really sharp pains!I think Im always going to have a heart attack! I try to relax but I cant!I lay down to watch a movie but I still panic! Its like I cant stop after day. I finally fall asleep at night I wake up In the morning and directly start paniking! It last all day then I go through It again!!!
I swear Im going crazy having to go through this!Im just scared!!'
I cant go to the Doc. because I dont have one right now....he moved and were in the middle of getting a new Dr.!
Panic Is starting to take over my life!
I know I need new medicine because I wouldnt feel this way If my medicine was working for me. :confused:
I wonder how good It Is to feel no panic and no worry AT ALL!! I bet that has to be the most wonderful thing on earth!!!![/QUOTE]
Hi,I know how you feel,I've been dealing with panic attacks for years.Heart palpatations,sweating,dizziness....feeling like you are going to die.I have learned how to deal with them.The biggest thing to conquer is to realize you are not going to die,Take the fear out of the attack and it WILL subside.I know it sounds easier said than done but believe me fear is the culprit.When a panic attack starts we immedietly say Oh God here it comes and the fear sets in and the more you get frightened the worse it gets.What you are doing is called Anticipating the attack which brings it on and keeps it going.

Ihave done that lots of times.I would think about it and worry about an attack all the time which would bring one on.I was always affraid of the symptoms,worried I was having a heart attack.Once I learned I wasn't gonna die I could take the fear out of it and the attacks would lessen in thier severity and frequency.All it takes is one time that you conquer a panic attack and the belief of "I will be ok"will come.I still have them and they are still frightening but I use mu techniques and it does work.Feel free to email me,talking to someone who understands does help!Laura

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