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[QUOTE=BayshoreTommy]Ive been a hypocondriac my entire life. If someone can worry about it then ill worry about it. Im 30 years old, and in pretty good shape. If I think about something though it always seems as if I create a bad feeling in my body.
For example...
The past few weeks I have been really stressed out. One day my heart double skipped a beat, I started thinking about it and it kept double skipping beats, extremely annoying and it was really freaking me out. It got to the point were it was driving me crazy, literally every minute it was skipping or beating funny.
But the one thing I noticed is that whenever I was busy doing something I would never have those feelings, and even right now ive learned to realize that its most likely a panic attack, because the second I think of my heart beating funny it seems to do it, extremely annoying but i think that its going away.
And just my luck, the double heartbeat goes away and I have a new problem, i feel a pressure in my back now, no pain, just a pressure and its extremely annoying, i keep thinking its something wrong with my heart im going to die. It really drives me bonkers.
I just want this stuff to stop, ive never taken any meds before but I think I may look into it in the near future.
Anyone have double heartbeats/skipped heartbeats or pressure in your back during a panic attack?


Hi Tommy,

I've felt what I thought was skipped heart beats, double and triple heart beats and a strange tingling sensation in my back with my anxiety. My father died of a heart attack (when I was a young teenager), so this is a very sensitive issue for me, heart things always scare me. I've had the heart treadmill test done recently and all checked out okay............

If you've been checked out by a doctor and all is okay then it sounds like the anxiety is causing this.........If you havne't seen the doc.........I would do so simply for peace of mind..........but since you don't have this or notice this when you are busier and only when you think about it, it does sound like anxiety............


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