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[QUOTE=sweetums]I have a 17 year old daughter that has experienced panic attacks for the last couple of years, but there was always something tramatic that happened that triggered the attack. But now she has had attacks and she says there is nothing bothering seriously bothering her. Two days ago the school called an ambulance for her cause her attack was so extreme..she couldn't catch her breath and her heart was racing out of control.
The doctors gave her something to take when she feels an attack coming on, but it's very addictive..and she's been wanting to take them everyday. I will definitely call the doctor on Monday if she keeps this up, but this is all new to this common for all of you that have attacks, that they can come on for no apparent reason? And how often do you have attacks? I just worry because she is so young, and if she has a hard time now, what will it be like for her as she gets older and under more stress?
Thanks for any input.[/QUOTE]

Hi hun,

I feel for your daughter being so young and having to deal with this. It is good that she is taking something everyday for her attacks. Attacks can last all day sometimes. Mine sure did. I could not concentrate and I did not have a life. I would stay in bed all day. I had my first attack in August of last year. I'm 33 years old. I was always an anxious and nervous person.

If you are concerned about her getting addicted, talk to her doctor about Klonpin. It has a longer lasting life and is not as addicting. If her attacks are severe like mine are, she would probably have to take the medication every day. If it's [B]Xanex[/B] she is only lasts about 4-5 hours. If it's [B]Ativan[/B]....I would say about 6-10 hours(though it worked less on me). If it's [B]Klonopin[/B]....12-24 hours, which is best for her not to get addicted.

I know you are worried about her when she gets older, but by that time, she will know how to deal with these attacks and she will have them under control. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Although it feels very scary and it probably makes you want to cry seeing her this way, it is not harmful. Always remember that. Try to help her out with some deep breathing when she's having an attack. Count to seven slowly while breathing in slowly and count to eleven slowly while breathing out slowly. Tell her to keep doing this until they subside a little.

I hope she feels better soon and good luck to you:)
Chantel :angel:

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