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[QUOTE=Butterfly8]Hi all. About three weeks ago I got a really scary feeling in my head, it was a numb/fuzzy/painful I am getting it all the time. Of course every time it sends me right into a panic attack, and sometimes just thinking about that feeling will make it happen and cause an attack. I'm wondering if this could be something, or if it is just my anxiety. I know my mind has attendency to make physical symptoms, but this is really scary.

Has anyone felt this sensation before? It is a scary feeling...Like my whole head is numb, but also a feeling of almost pain....

Anyway, just trying to make myself feel better about things. I knwo with a brain tumor or anyrism there are other symptoms that go with it, like blurred vision and all. I just get the weird feeling which in turn makes me feel like I am going to pass out!

thanks, Nikki[/QUOTE]

Dear Butterfly8,
I really like that user name, its feels light as air and I think about a butterfly swooping around so free. If you have had tests to rule out the physical disorders that cause these things then this is nothing unusal with panic disorder. You actually feel just any slight numbness on any part of your head or face and the brain is already going into action of panic before you realize that it has. By then you have all of these symptoms and you have a panic attack. You were already having a panic attack at the first little feeling and that is why it spread all over. Pains in the head from panic attack usually are not intense but can be. They are usually weird feelings deep inside that it is hard to tell if they are pains of sensations. The feeling of going to pass out is the peak of the panic attack hitting you. This will keep happening until you except it and ignore it. Unfortunately, the brain will look for something else that scares you. You have to learn to feel anything and except it for what it is and ignore it to keep from panicing or at least keep it to a low roar. It takes time but you will finally say, "bs" to these sensations after you finally get tired of freaking out over every unusal thing. Just part of managing this disorder and no matter how good you get, you will always have a few that you just can't stop but can lower the intensity of them. It will get better if you don't let it get to you so much. Have a nice day Butterfly8.


Sickman :)
I can relate. I have had numbness and tingling in my head and face on and off since last summer. Along with this I sometimes hear a strange buzzing sound that sounds like it's coming from deep inside my head. I have also had a constant headache for over a month, now. Actually, it was the tingling/pins and needles sensation that started my panic attacks back up last May. I have seen my dr. countless times over this and he has come to the conclusion that it is related to tense muscles. Tense muscles in your neck area can cause less circulation and effects nerve endings through out your scalp and face.

I know it's easier said than done, but try to keep your mind off of it. Find things to distract you and keep you busy. This usually helps me keep from panicing over my symptoms.

Hang in there~ :)

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