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I have suffered from anxiety for several years. anything that is not part of my normal schedule can set it off, and dating does especially, as does stress. my symptoms are mainlly stomach related--i start to feel extremely nausous and if i cannot stop the anxiety, i start to throw up.

I was on decepramin yrs ago which worked well for awhile then didnt, then was on paxil for 8 months which helped tthe anxiety but had bad side effect from the drug, recently tried busbar--didnt help, lexapro made me way too nausous and throw up.....the ONLY thing that has helped recently is taking 1mg of klonopin when i feel anxious (not daily)---but i know this can be a very addictive drug so it scares me and i wish this wasnt what helps....i know some peoplle take it daily--is taking a small dose of 1mg dailly safe? my dr is of course against daily use and is only prescribing me the klonopin as needed until i find something else.

any ideas on what med to try next?

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