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[QUOTE=purrsia]Hi Kim...I agree that being mentally abused by your spouse will diffinately do damage to not only your self-esteem, but your confidence. I also understand when you say how its so hard for your husband to understand. Do you see a doctor for your anxiety and if so, does your husband go with you? My husband goes to all my sessions and this has helped him so much in understanding what I've been going through. The doctor also lent my husband a book to read "Understanding Panic and Anxiety" so he could understand a little more. My husband supports me 100 percent and not til recently did I tell my family of my mental illness. After I sat down and explained everything, they all seemed sympathetic..especially my mom cuz we are so close. I realize that not everyone or every family will understand, I'm just very lucky. One thing you need to understand thoroughly is that your are not a failure Kim! :nono: And, I'm sure your family doesn't feel that way either. Do you take any meds or are you in any kind of therapy?
Gosh, after rereading your post, I hope your talking about panic attacks. If not, please disregard this and I'm sorry..LOL :D[/QUOTE]

Hi :wave:

Yeah, I have been talking about panic attacks, so no need to be sorry ;)

I have not seen a doctor yet, so obviously not on meds either. I did finally get up the nerve to call one, and I see him on the 9th. He is a family doctor so I'm not even sure he'll be able to help me. Guess I'll find out :D My husband is taking time off work to go with me, which I'm thankful for. I'm nervous already, I'll be a basket case on the day I go :eek: lol

Your lucky you have such a close relationship with your mom. I've never really been able to talk to mine, or my 2 sisters. My mom has her favorite (my youngest sis) and she doesn't hide it. That's a long story I won't go in to though. I started having these in Oct. and I didn't tell any of them till last week, and that was only because I was having one, hubby was working late and I couldn't stand being here alone. I had my sis come get me (she still lives at home, with her 5 year old) The only thing said to me was "why didn't you tell anyone".

My current husband and I have been married 7 years, and I know he supports me in this also. Not the fist time he has had to deal with something like this, I also have an inner ear disorder. (have gone to therapy for that). I think if it comes to going to therapy again, I would love for him to go with me this time. I know this has been hard on him too, my first one happened as I was falling asleep in bed, now I'm afraid to sleep there and spend a lot of nights on the couch :(

Oh wow, I hadn't realized I had been rambling so much :eek: LOL Hope you have a good weekend :wave:


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