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[QUOTE=Tony1]Had this for the first time today and was curious if anyone else had any of these symptoms?[/QUOTE]

Hi Tony,
I got this feeling with the worst panic attack I have ever had(which was last May). I've gotten this sensation off and on ever sense(not during attacks). It feels like a pins and needles sensation over my entire face and a burning feeling over my scalp. I started seeing a Neurologist last week and had an MRI on Monday because I have several other symptoms along with this.

Facial numbness and tingling during a panic attack is usually caused by hyperventilation. This is what they told me at the ER the first time I had this(even though I could have sworn I was breathing just fine:) ). It is definatly a scary feeling. If this is just occuring with a panic attack, I think it is a fairly common symptom of panic. I'm concerned about my facial tingling because it is now happening without having an attack and it will last several days at a time.
Take care,

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