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[QUOTE=rainswirls]I was just wondering....
I have a panic disorder and agoraphobia and Im about to be 18 and on my own...what do I do??? How can I work????
Do you work with your PD? I dont think I would be able to do It![/QUOTE]
I too am trying to figure that out. I used to be fine and one job set it off for me. Now I am afraid of working. I am in a situation where I dont have to work but some extra cash would be nice. I am going to try therapy and I am hoping that works. I was going to attempt meds but it isnt for me. What kind of jobs are you looking for? I am 23 and I have tried everything. I recently applied for a seasonal position at a greenhouse. I think the fresh air and being outside sounds relaxing. Then I dont feel so enclosed. Well let me know what you like to do and what you are looking for. Maybe it is something that can help you and wont make you succeptable to a panic attack. I hope to hear from ya. Mandi**

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