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Hey guys, thanks alot for the input. I have been doing the best I can to get out there and do stuff. I went out to breakfast today, but had a panic attack and had to leave. I understand that I can't rely totally on meds. I mean I HAVE to get back to school next week. And zoloft takes a few weeks to see any kind of results from what i hear. I need to learn to deal with this. I keep hearing all these things like try CBT, try aroma therapy, try breathing excersises, try this try that. I guess I'm just looking to be pointed in the right direction. Maybe a website (preferably) or a book (that i could find in a bookstore) that people have found useful. Its to the point where I know my symptoms aren't going to kill me, but that doesnt stop the constant anxiety (twitching, irregular breathing, etc,etc). I am here ready and willing to try anything right about now. I can't see my therapist til I get back to school next wednesday and I need something to sort of bridge the gap for me (psychologically). I always feel better when I leave the doctors office, leave the psychologists office, so I know its something mental I can deal with. Ex) I always have anxiety attacks on the way to the doctors and feel like a million bucks when i leave. Another problem with me is the more I research it the more problems I have. If i hear that people have panic attacks in cars, I'll have one in a car. If i heard that poeple wake up and have panic attacks in the middle of the night I'll wake up and have one, its so mental. Funny story is that I had an exam the day of my first panic attack. And the entire tests material was on panic disorders... wish i never took that class!

A couple other things)
1-I have been too anxious to eat lately, and I feel like that has been adding to my symptoms and anxiety. Anyone have any suggestions to combat this?
2- Does anyone elses left arm go numb when they have their attacks? I know this is a symptom of a heart attack. But I'm 19... I feel like its way more likely that it's mental. Can I mentally be causing it to feel numb? I had an EKG during an anxiety attack and everything was cleared.

Thanks for any help. It's really nice to hear from people with the same problems who are dealing with this.


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