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Hi Pharaoh,

zoloft often reduces or stops panic attacks but, as you say, takes a while to become effective, what dose are you taking?
many books on overcoming panic disorder and agoraphobia are available, try amazon or a library

IMO you need some more xanax, or any other benzo or valium type med, to calm you for now, also when the zoloft is working, you may still need occasional xanax, etc Try other docs, older docs are generally less anti xanax.ask for some other benzo as xanax has a very bad reputation for being addictive, the other brands work just as well, IMO

It helps to always carry a few valium type tablets with you and disolve 1 under the tongue when you start to have a panic attack

when you do panic, accept it and dont tense up or fight back, breathe deep and slow and wait for it to pass. Its a good excuse to tell people you have a migrane

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