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Re: Books?
Mar 19, 2004
[QUOTE=candigirl21]I have been reading some of the posts and there have been a couple books some of you have said were of help...can you please list the names and authors..I think I am going to try this in addition to my meds.Thanks for the help.[/QUOTE]

Books written by Claire Weekes were very good. It encouraged me to stay away from medication and face what I fear the most.
Re: Books?
Mar 20, 2004
Claire Weekes was a pioneer in treatment of anxiety. I'd imagine anything written by her would be beneficial. I have read Coping Successfully with Panic Attacks by Shirley Tricket which I didn't like, it was focused mainly on blood sugar levels and braething/hyperventilation and wasn't what I was looking for. Panic Attacks by Christine Ingham was very very good, very informative and made me realise that panic attacks are designed to protect rather than harm and although they are unpleasant are of no danger. I am currently reading The Anxiety Cure by Robert L Dupont and his daughters, and this is proving to be VERY beneficial and I recommend it to you all.

When reading these books I found it helpful to mark pages that contained interesting or striking information and highlight certain passages for easy reference in times of crisis lol. I also (mainly for The Anxiety Cure which has exercises to do) keep a notebook with things I think might help written in it, like a "workbook" and also have one to detail everything I can figure out about each attack I have. I started doing so when I had an inspiration to really take control. This does give me a sense of control as I know I can look back at what triggered me and dissect it, although much of this technique was learned in therapy and has not made my attacks lesser, but has given me a "record". Ok I went on a bit there lol.

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