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hi there we are exactly the same. i am in constant anxiety, rearely panic attacks but always full of anxiety, and worrying about everything.all day i feel symptoms which are: tightning in the chest, feels like soemthing heavy is on your chest making it hard to breathe i take deep breaths constantly just to make sure i can breathe. this one is weird i havent heard it into many people: periodically all through out the day my head will start feeling like its gonna explode i know its not but it feels like it and i get dizzy. also especially at night i have this fear that im gonna die and go to hell,its getting really bad the last few nights, trust me i know what your going through. i always think that theres something wrong wtih me like im gonna die at any given moment. about a year ago i was having these same symptoms, i couldtn sleep, and i was haivng panic attacks(at the time i didnt know it) so i went to the doctor and they told me it was anxiety they put me on paxil, 25ml, and busbar,10 ml busbar if you dont know is a nonnarcatic anxiety medecine you take it onset when you feel like your gonn have an attack and it does help some what. well all my symptoms pretty much went away when i started using paxil, i was amazed, i was better. well i recently moved and the insurance i have now doesnt cover paxil so i went off of it. but still not he busbar. well now that im not on paxil im having all of those symptoms again, and im in complete misery. i come to this sight often to see that im not the only one, and that im not going insane or dying its all in the mind. the mind has alot of power and can be our worst enemy. i suggest for you to get on some kind of anit depressent like : paxil, or prozzac or something paxil really helped for me but some people are different.and yes the ativan does work really good. but it is very addictive, i prefer not to take it becuase its physically addicitng. so try and take it as less as possible. i hope i helped a little i would love to know more about you and chat im on all the time, and come to this site all through out the day, well good luck let me know how it works out .

truly openly addicted :angel:

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