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OK, it goes something like this. I get a funny feeling; any feeling and I start thinking,,,"What's that funny feeling in my arm, leg, head, ears," whatever...and then it starts. Maybe I'm going to have a heart attack, maybe I'm going to pass out. Ok, ok, ok, ok,I know what this is. I"m going to be fine...Shoot there it goes again; what IS that pain in my left arm? Is a heart attack starting? Ok, ok,ok, I'm going to be fine. I know it's panic so all I have to do is just breathe.....ok, just breathe. Ok. Now it's starting in my chest is getting tight and my breathing is getting faster...Check pulse..ok it's a little high but not too bad...just keep working. Ok, walk around,,,it'll be ok.....check pulse....I'm getting light headed...Is that real light-headedness or am I imagining it because I'm feeling a little panicky? Ok, just a little, check pulse....Ok I need to calm down....

and thus it goes. AT least that one is a lead up and I can take a Xanax and get rid of it. It's the super fast ones that hit you while you least expect it and you can't bring it down...Like when you're driving and out of nowhere it just comes....

Driving, driving, la la la, pretty sunshine, oh look the trees are in bloom BLAAAAHHHHMMMMMM!!!! :dizzy: WHAT THE H$#@!!!...DIZZY, DIZZY, [email protected]# i'M GOING TO HAVE TO PULL OVER IT'S A PANIC ATTACK...CALM DOWN, BREATHE,,,,,,SHAKY, PULL OVER,,,,ok it's gone. Just get home and it will be ok. So two minutes later pulling into the drive,,,I'm fine.

AT least those two don't end up in the emergency room. On new year's day I was in ER with a super panic attack. Hadn't been on meds or had a PA in 3 years and suddenly, working out in the barn, BOOM! Huge one, knew I was dying, knew my blood-pressure was out the roof and my pulse was 190. (Neither one was correct my BP was 116/85 and my pulse was 90) Just knew I was going to pass out. Told my husband to DRIVE FASTER, my hands got numb, I got ready to throw up, just knew I would pass out. Nothing happened. I got to the ER, they gave me an EKG becasue I have PVC's but everything was ok. It was right after that I got back on the buspar, but because my stress was so high it didn't cut it this time and now i'm on lexapro which seems to be working.

ANyway, hope some of you out there benefit from my crazy PA stream-of-consciousness. Of course there are about 20 different kinds I've had but I don't have the space or time to document them all!

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