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The only way I ever consider leaving is if I have a real full-on panic attack. Feeling nervous is ok to me because I can deal with it on my own and doesn't involve severe symptoms. Nervous is just a bit sweaty, bit of stomach pain, racing heart and palps etc. But when it gets to panic attack and I can't breathe from stomach pain and I black out (which does frequently happen, not fainting, but blacking out) I think it warrants permission to leave to get myself under control.

I agree in that anyone with a real physical illness would be allowed to leave straight away and never have any thought over it. I've been in situations, panicking, where I couldn't leave and I did just fine. I know all about breathing, relaxation, distraction etc and I try them but truth is, it's very difficult to put into practice with a teacher breathing down your neck and 25 other people in the class, especially with the "panicky" feelings that go on. If, for example, I had social anxiety disorder and wanted to flee a situation because it involved me meeting someone new, then ok I can see the point of trying to work through things. Or if I had a fear of spiders and I left because I thought I saw a big one in the corner - ok. But I want to leave because I don't feel well at all, and I'm embarassed by the way everyone sees me. Now, if my panic attacks were a drop in blood sugar level and I was shaking because of that, everyone would be fine with it. Basically I don't see it having any mental effect on me and I can work through it in a situation when I have to, like a prestigous ceremony were I had to represent my school - I panicked there and I just sat and controlled the breathing etc because I knew there was no option and I was ok with that because I knew I would feel better. And even today, I had to go into dentists to try to get some work experience and I was so nervous my legs started shaking quite uncontrollably but I did not leave, I stayed and remained calm, didn't even think about leaving. And thats my justification for why it's ok, because in a situation like those I can work through it.

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