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Re: Leg weakness
Apr 27, 2004
[QUOTE=abbygirl2]I am just trying to sort out what could be panic/anxiety symptoms. I sometimes get this extremely weak feeling in my legs but it doesn't feel like muscle weakness. I feel like I can barely walk and sometimes my legs kind of buckle but I have never fallen. It comes and goes and can not link it to anything. Anyone else have anything like this?


I get it in the arms and hands. I've had so many tests, seem to be okay. I doubt I have MS and when you go through panic/anxiety, you think you have every illness in the book. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome due to a car accident (several) and other lovely things that have happened in my life. I'm 45, female and also hormonal changes, lovely isn't it? They don't help the anxiety attacks. I'm seeing a therapist and she's been great, helping me recondition my life. I also lost my brother 2 months ago that really just totally stressed me with panic. Driving home from his house 4 hours away from mine, after cleaning and bringing home belongings, I had major panic attacks coming home, thank God someone else was driving. I thought I was dying! Literally! Then the anxiety attacks kept happening, threw my hormones off balance, not that they are on balance as I write this anyways. I tend to see my hands tremble because I am still going quickly, moving about quickly but I am a high energetic person anyways. It's irritable to know your hands are trembling, but I'm sure once I face all my fears and stop running from them, they will eventually stop. Anxiety/Panic does some weird things to your central nervous system, but I'm glad to know I won't die from it, LOL Want to be here for my little gir (she's 8) a while longer. So trembly me just keeps trembling as I deal with one issue at a time.

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