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[QUOTE=Brooke22]December 2003 I had three "anxiety attacks" in one day. They consisted of lightheadedness, heart racing, shaking, feeling like I was going to die, and pressure in the side of my head. I went to the hospital that night. They did a urine test and a diabetes check. All normal. I was sent home with no answers. Every since that day I've had an everyday occurance of lightheadedness, the shakes(mostly in my hands), feeling of being dazed or out of it, and when I stand for long periods of time it gets worse. I feel like I'm dying from a brain tumor or something. I've been to my doctor several times. I've had blood work done, which comes back normal. I was given xanax and paxil CR. The paxil made me very nauseous, so now I'm taking Zoloft, which doesn't seem to help. The xanax is the only thing that works for me, but it's not always 100%. I'm taking more and more of it now. This "anxiety" has caused me to quit work and school. I would give anything to be "normal" again.
Is there anything else I should be tested for to make sure this is anxiety? I don't feel like I'm always worrying. Is there any other medications I should try? Should I go to a neurologist or an endocrinologist? I also have alopecia areata, could these be related?? :confused:

Thanks for any feedback- *Brooke*[/QUOTE]

As far making sure you don't have anything else, make sure the diabetes test they gave you was a glucose tolerance test, that is, a test where you fast, then they give you a glucose challenge with around 50 grams of sugar and see how your body responds. This will reveal whether your body overreacts to sugar, a simple fasting glucose test will not reveal this. Ask for your results even if you don't have diabetes and compare your glucose response to a normal response and ask your doctor to interpret it for you. You may be pre-diabetic (a term that they just came up with after realizing that some people who didn't qualify for diabetes were sustaining organ damage from a pre-diabetic condition). This condition can cause panic because too much glucose will cause an overactive insulin response. Too much insulin will push the sugar into muscle and fat cells and leave too little sugar circulating for use. The body will then release tons of adrenlin and stress hormones to break open fat and muscle cells to get back the sugar it just got rid of. This is the cause of muscle pain when you get nervous.

If Xanax worked for you, then you definitely have an anxiety problem and whether you have a blood sugar problem or not, Benzo's will help both. It helps the blood sugar by slowing down metabolism and making it harder for blood sugar to plummet. It directly helps panic by increasing relaxing neurotransmitters. I've found Klonopin to be the best for social anxiety. Paxil in high doses had been the most potent but had too many bad side effects. Paxil in low doses is what im trying now. So far though, the absolute best combination has been 1-2 milligrams of Klonopin and 200 milligrams of Atenolol (both fairly cheap medications). Consult your doctor about the atenolol, it is a beta blocker and your blood pressure could go too low, but my blood pressure was in the high normal range to begin with so it had double benefits for me.

I don't know what alopecia areata is, so can't make any suggestions there.

Hope i have been helpful,

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