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[QUOTE=loulou1]Hi everyone! :wave: I was told that all of my panic/anxiety was brought on by Post Traumatic Stress. I remember nights of my whole body trembling and I would have muscle spasms or twitches. It lasted on and off for a week and then it was off to more anxiety side effects. I have noticed through this board that everyone with panic and anxiety share the same symptoms. My Dr. prescribed Lexipro 10 mg a day. I have been taking it for a month now. After going through two weeks of side effects (very sleepy, and fuzzy lack of concentration head feeling). I now can say that I feel like myself again. I feel very calm all the time it has totally been a miracle drug for me. I look forward to going places again, and I dont have obsessive thoughts any more. It is amazing how anxiety controlled every aspect of my life. I hope that all of you that can relate can find your peace. Thank you for all of your support and stories.[/QUOTE]

You are cool and an aspiration to this board. I'm glad you are feeling better and it feels good to know what you have. I also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress along with Panic Attacks. My therapist can't really diagnose me, but she's been super. I feel so good to go to therapy and talk about all the trauma that has happened in my life. It's like letting go of years of shelving and running. I'm on 10mg. of the generic Prozac. It too has been making me feel better, although I haven't been taking it very long, I believe it's been 2 weeks on 5mg. and then up to 10mg for about a week now. I take it in the morning as told to do. I'm going to make an appt. to see a Psych. so he can control my med. My gyne gave it to me cause I have entered perimenopause. So I'm hit in all directions, lol.
I think the worse part of all of this was the dread feeling, the feeling like you had some illness and were going to die. Then it was the feeling like you were losing it, but I read up alot on anxiety and really, you are not losing it. I have such a strong will to live too, so I would fight it harder at first, cause I didn't want to die, I want to live for me now and for my daughter. I always had to be strong for everyone else. My brother died, and I became not so strong afterall. It's time to think about me. I've changed so much in my life the last 3 months, that I wonder how Im' keeping up, but I am. My therapist says I'm very strong. Being that she works in a mental hospital, but I see her privately, I believe her. She says that I have PD with some Post Traumatic Stress. I believe I have more the trauma, cause of all the trauma I've had in my life, including a car accident two years ago. We are survivors through panic, and we will survive. WE might need meds, but so do alot of other people in the world. We do what makes us feel good.
The other part of my panic and still bothers me is the adrenaline surges and then also the trembling muscles on exertion, muscle twitches, humming in the body. I just try to breath through it or if it gets really bad, I just take a pinch of Xanax. I believe that we can overcome this if we want to and try your best to face the fear. Blessings to you and stay in touch, at least I feel encourage by you.


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