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I was just wondering what everyone's "list" of symptoms were when they have a panic attack, when they occur most often (time of day), how long they last (hours, days, weeks, etc) and the frequency with which you usually experience them (ie; twice a month, etc). Here's mine...

I usually have them several dozen times per year but can go several months without them until they suddenly pounce on me out of the blue. Mine never occur in the morning but usually come in the very early evening (I'd say around 5-7 o'clock and last until I take a Xanax (otherwise, they just don't go away - period). They usually come and go for 4-6 days and then dissapear until they decide to put in an appearance again.

My symptoms are almost always the following...

1) Tightness in throat, "lump" in throat, difficulty swallowing, constricted-throat sensation, etc
2) Feeling of dread and doom like I just KNOW I am dying from a horrible disease for which there is no cure.
3) Feeling edgy, jittery, jumpy, nervous (sometimes irritable).
4) Sometimes noises make me jump out of my seat.
5) Neck pains, sharp (but minor) pains in my head that come and go.
6) Adrenilin "surges" that shoot straight up through me (very scary!)
7) Foggy, "anesthetized brain" feeling
8) Shortness of breath/can't take a full breath
9) Pure FEAR
10) Depression - sometimes like there's no point to life (ie; eat, sleep, work, grow old and die...what's the point?)

I guess that about it. What is everyone else's symptom list?

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