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[QUOTE=CindiLynn]Has anyone here had a problem with sudden uncontolled shaking when one is suddenly the focus of too much attention (whether it is the attention of one person or 100?). I am having a problem with that-fine one minute, then if I feel I am under any scrutiny or if someone is watching me too intensely My heart pounds and I shake (sometimes my mind can calm it down but sometimes-not)-the fact I am anticipating this in situations (ie work, social gatherings) makes it a lot worse. This has suddenly affected me fast and furiously. Why?

I do take .75 mg of xanax a day but feel like maybe I need to talk to my dr about increasing my dosage?

Thank you for any advice-this panic disorder is turning into my own personal hell![/QUOTE]

I have had the shakes and trembling for quite sometime now. My body is over sensitized from all the Panic Attacks I was going through after my brother died and then had to get into the car and clean out his place and I have fear of long distances due to a major car accident two years ago. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but got panic attacks from the trauma of my brother's death. It just brought back all the others traumas from the past. Try not to give it to much attention, that's what it is looking for, so you can become more anxious. It takes time to go away and you can't put a time limit on it so you have to walk through it and if needed, take Xanax during the rough times.

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