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I can understand why it would be making you nervous, Andrea...I never took Prozac in my life and reading some of this stuff is making me nervous.
What you have to remember is that the people who are usually the most vocal are the ones who've had problems with a certain drug....most of the time the ones who've had success don't say much...although some do we seem to be in the minority.
That's why when someone asks about Zoloft, Paxil or Kolonipin I don't say very much...they sure weren't for me, but they work well for others.
These drugs affect different people in different two people are alike.
I personally know two people that take Prozac and they both have only good things to say about it.

Like someone else said, if you read the side effects of asprin most people would be scared to take it.

People who've had bad experiances with the drug I took come on here all the time with stories of how bad the drug is for you and how you can become dependent on it or tolorant to it...I know for a fact that if I'd read any of those posts before I ever took it, I would have been scared to death.
But, I'm living breathing proof that though that drug may be a big problem for some people it gave me my life back and I never had one single problem with it.

If the Prozac is working for you then try not to get upset or scared by the posts.
Like I said, not everyone is the same just because someone has a problem with a certain drug in no way means you will too.

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