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That's excellent that you're getting treatment, SL81. I've been getting help for my anxiety/panic for about 10 years now (currently I'm 30), and without these modern medicines, my life for those years would have [u]sucked[/u] rather than been (mostly) fullfilling and fun. Just remember that the medication won't make you better overnight -- it will take at least a week to have a noticeable effect (though it will possibly stop your panic attacks within that time), and its full effect might not kick in for at least a month or more. But hey -- that gives you something to look forward to! ;)

Lexapro is supposed to be a very good drug for many people. I'm currently taking Celexa, which is a two-part molecule, one half of which is basically identical to Lexapro. The other half of Celexa is supposed to have mild anti-histamine effects. The reason the Celexa molecule is a two-part deal like that is most likely due to the way the drug is manufactured. With Lexapro, they probably figured out a way to manufacture a drug like Celexa in a more "pure" form -- they don't include the anti-histamine part of the molecule.

Anyway...I've been on 20 mg of this related drug, Celexa, for just over a week now. It is working very well -- I'm truly impressed with it. I did feel a bit dizzy for the first couple of days I was on it, but that went away fairly quickly. Similarly, don't be surprised if you get a bit of an upset stomach, the runs, or other gastrointestinal symptoms at first. They should go away after a few days of being on the drug, though.

If for some reason Lexapro ends up not working well for you, don't be discouraged -- there are plenty of other good drugs out there. But Lexapro is one of the newest and most effective ones, I hear, so you have good reason to be optimistic.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

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