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Hi. My 10 year old son woke me at 8 this morning saying he was scared so I scooted over so he could get in bed with me. I just thought he had bad dream. He got in and next thing I hear him crying I look up and he says I need to go to the hospital. He looked incredibly scared. I have a friend that has panic attacks so when I asked him why ...he said he woke up early and he couldn't quit thinking about who made God if God made us and how long forever actually is. Then he said all of a sudden he got real hot and his heart was beating fast. I felt his chest and it felt like is was going to pop out. He said it was not pain just scary so I guessed it as panic attack. I called husband to come home for a ride to hospital and my son said no don't wait call 911. By the time husband got home he was feeling better but it took like an hour for him to calm down. I was in tears seeing him sooooooo scared.

My question is what can I say to him to help him until we get to dr?...He keeps asking me if dr can make those thoughts go away because he has them alot lately when he lays down or bored. Its so sad when he was in middle of attack he told me how much he loved me and that I was the best mom anyone could have because he wanted me to know that cause he thought he might die. also, has anyones thoughts actually been the trigger of these things. My friend says nothing triggers hers, they just come. He follows me from room to room all day because of his fear of having another one...any help or suggestions that I can use to get him through the next 2 weeks will be great.

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