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Hi I just wanted to say to you, my son is ten years old, we have been dealing with emotional disorders with him since he was 7 years old. He at times has really awful panic attacks, but they didn't start until his grandma past away very sudden and unexpectedly. he all the sudden out of the blue would have these horrible screamming fits in the middle of the night, Thinking he was dying and had a hard time being away from me and my husband even if just to go to school. we ended up taking him out of school and homeschooling him, not just because of the panic. There were loads of reasons.
He is diagnosed with ADHD/BIpolar/Panic disorder and rages of mania/ depression
And he is only ten! He has been on many different meds and now we are down to geodon and zoloft. He is doing much better. We did not take the medicene thing lightly, We hated it then and still do but the benefits for him greatly outweigh the pacifying of us. I can tell you THE MOST helpful thing we do is the counseling. I have learned so much! I was going to group therapy with other parents and children that suffer the same things and I found that I am not alone and neither is my son. Taking your son to the dr. will help him to know that he is physically ok and that can be a tremendous relief for himand you, As soon as you can go to therapy all of you! If you all go your son will have a sense that he IS NOt alone and what better way to say "we are here for you"
Anyway I do wish you the best and please tell your son about my son maybe just a little!!! keep us posted oh yeah I forgot, My son plays football too. last year he got offensive lineman of the year, He was really good !!!!
in my prayers from this day forward!!!!

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