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Re: Need help
Aug 6, 2004
I know exactly what your talking about with the bad thoughts in your head 24/7. I'm 28 yrs old I beat my panic attacks for 8 yrs on prozac. About a year ago I slipped back into them. I'm now currently taking 20mg lexapro, .5 mg risperdal, and .5 ativan as needed. Every waking moment I'm awake I'm thinking about something bad happening to me. The last few days I was doing ok. I still had the compusive bad thoughts all the time but I would get out and go do stuff. Tonight I went by my old job and heard a story that set me back a month. Everytime I start feeling ok I hear a bad story. Tonight was one of the guys there that was only 26 had a brain aneurysm last Sat at work and died from it. Brain aneurysm, stroke, passing out but really being aware and nobody knows, what happens after we die, are we stuck in the casket and nobody knows, heart problems, is the kind of stuff I obsess over all the time. The boy was on drugs real bad kind of comforts me because I'm not but not a whole lot. I just want these terrible thoughts and panic attacks to go away. I sometimes go into one thinking about having brain surgery and being aware and the doctors think I'm asleep. These thoughts run my life. The medicine helps but I always feel spacey, brain clicking type of feeling i really can't explain, tired all the time. Those symptoms bring on anxiety to me also. My advise is if your find a medicine that works well stay on it till it quites working. I would gladly give 10 years of my life the medicine might, probably want but might, take off to get back where I was a few years ago. Why live to be 100 if your worrying about dying the whole time. I could fly in airplanes drive anywhere do anything. Now it scares me to death to be by myself, and do the simpliest things like drive to work 15 minutes down the interstate. See yall later and like I said find a medicine that makes you happy and stay with it.

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