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Hello Everyone....
Aug 24, 2004
I posted yesterday for the first time (Hello & Help). But didnít really introduce myself. Iíve been looking at some of these posts, and it seems like there are some great people here. Of course! Itís seems like almost anybody you talk to who is dealing with anxiety are great, caring people.

My story goes like this. Iím 38. I had my first panic attack while at a concert my senior year. I had felt nervous in the past in social events. Through high school I would rather fail a class than give an oral report. Right out of high school it continued to get worse. Almost to the point that I was house bound. Everything that I tried to do would cause concern. I freaked out Ďcause I didnít know what was happening to me. So I started reading up. Reading that I had a real problem, and it could get worse. Over the next few years I tried a number of things. Little by little I got better. I went from being scared to death to leave the house, and avoiding anything I could, to being able to leave the house, but being stressed about it. I went years without a panic attack, but was living with a lot of anxiety. My big thing was traveling, and getting into something that I couldnít escape from immediately: Work meetings, weddings, big dinners, ect. I tried hypnotherapy, which helped a little, but it got really expensive, really quick. I actually felt my best when I finished up with the hypnotherapy, and tried acupuncture (for relaxation) Relaxation tapes, cutting out caffeine, doing the Lucinda Bassett program, and drinking teas, and burning candles all at the same time. That was a couple years back. You canít do all that forever, and I strayed a little. Since then itís gotten a little worse again. I find myself avoiding things. If Iím going camping, Iím not excited about it, and I have all these concerns. I definitely feel that my life isnít as great as it could be.

So I see this Zoloft commercial about a year ago. They were describing me. Like I had mentioned, I was able to do a lot of things, but I was so tired about being concerned, and having anticipatory anxiety about every little thing. So I went to my doctor and got a Zoloft prescription. I took my first pill on a Monday, and by Friday I was in the worse shape of my life. By far. I had been feeling a little nauseous, and light headed, but Friday night I was going to a dinner with my wife, and to meet up with friends. Something I had done a thousand times. Well, I had my worst panic attack. I almost wrecked my car. I couldnít pull over quick enough. I got into a church parking lot, and jumped out of the car. My wife thought I was having a heart attack, and I could barely speak to tell her what was happening. The next couple days were horrifying. I woke up the following day, and couldnít sit still. I was pacing, I was in total panic. I had to get out of the house because it felt like the walls were caving in. I tried to walk, but I was horrified to leave the house, and the farther I walked, the more scared I was. So I get back home and it continued to even get worse. I seriously thought that I was going to die. I couldnít use the phone. I had my wife call my doctor, and he told her that I could go off it with no side effects because it was only a week. I started feeling better, but I have not been the same since because with everything I do, Iím concerned about a panic attack. It basically set me back 5 years.

So here we are. Almost a year later. It took me this long, but I went to my doctor because I wanted to try Paxil. I was really scared to take it, and held on to the prescription for a week before having it filled. I took the first pill when I woke up yesterday morning. I took it on an empty stomach, and almost immediately felt nauseous. Later on that day I felt good again. I took one this morning with breakfast, and it effect my stomach quite as bad. Like I had mentioned in my previous post, Iím in the process of making an offer on a house, and putting mine up for sale. Which this is all causing anxiety, and worry. So I was hesitant about taking the Paxil right now because I wonít be sure if itís the Paxil thatís causing anxiety, because Iíve heard it can increase anxiety, or if itís the making the offer on the house, and if it causes an increase in anxiety will it keep me from following through with the move. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Itís hard to have the courage to stay on this Paxil. I have been searching the internet looking for success stories, and there are not that many, and thereís a lot of horror stories. Iím taking 10mg, and I guess if I start having problems within the next couple weeks, I can stop. I guess. Again, any advice would be helpful.

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