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I've suffered from basically the same symptoms for the past couple of months. I'm 32 and never had anything like them before. Unfortunately the first one was so bad (and probably because I freaked out so bad), that I got taken to the ER because I just knew I was dying. They gave me a complete work up, stuck my in the hospital overnight and ended up with a huge bill over it. After reading a lil on the net, I've deduced that what it was, and what I've had since then are panic attacks. I feel like I can't breathe (as if someone is sitting on my chest), I get light-headed and dizzy and with the first one, my chest hurt real bad and my left arm went numb, which is why I thought it might be my heart. Now, when I have them I do what hry says, breathe deep and slow, as hard as it is to do sometimes, it really does help....especially when I get horrible feeling of impending doom that I'm getting ready to die. I haven't sought out meds for it yet, but apparently they really help some people.

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