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Hey everyone

Just registerd an Account, Because this looks like the best board ive came across as far as Anxiety and Panicing goes.

I'm 17, I live in Nashville Tennesse. Back in febuary I had a panic attack , I had went to the docter the day before and was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, only to know now today that its caused by my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The next night I started worrying about my blood pressure, I then went to lay down and 10 minutes later woke up screaming and panicing because my left arm was numb and I thought I was having a heart attack because my heart was pounding and I had severe chest pains.

Rushed to the ER There was nothing wrong with me, they put me on EKG and my heart rate and motion was fine. That was my first panic attack...

7 months later...

Our family is very poor, I'm on minimal health care under our state, and my docter just thinks I'm going through a phase in my teenage years to where I distress like this.

I rarely have panic attacks, however I'm always constantly worrying, have physical GAD symptoms, and am just plain miserable. Sometimes this will lead to an occasional Panic Attack.

My mother doesn't have the money for the Medicine which our health coverage does not cover, so we use alternatives to keep me going and alive. I take St. John's Warts and Avena Skullcap , both in which are herbs. I also take a Vitiman B suppliment every day to ensure proper nerve function.

However it just seems to come back, a week or two in between I'll have another panic attack, followed by a week of horrible symptoms and stress. I know that it's in my head, that I was fine, 7 months ago before this started.

I've done as much research on the Generalize Anxiety Topic as I can, and Ive lead to this conclusion. Many people cop out with Medicines and Therapy, which seemingly could spend no money and acomplish everything themselves through motivation and will power.

I'm a very strong spirited individual myself, I do web design which is my highschool major and probably will take me through life, however I cant live with these symptoms and constant stress that I have no controll over. I contstantly worry about everything, and I worry about my relationship with my girlfriend all the time too when there should be nothing to worry about.

I am slightly overweight, however I jog every night, for a goal of my own personal self to get in shape. Exercise improves my mood and gives me a worry free anxiety free sensation for a brief amount of time, somewhere in the 30-45 minute range, after that Its back to this anxiac prison i'm locked in.

I've read alot of Msg boards about " The Linden Method ". Ive also read his website through and through, and have done research on the anatamy of the Amygdala , the part of your brain that panic attacks and anxiety comes from.

I just want to hear some personal opinions on if this method really works? and if there is a cure to Anxiety Disorder.

Like most of you, I know what it was like to be Serene, Content, and At Peace with myself. I want to be like that again, I want to feel like that again. I want this to be over.

Please, Share

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