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First off I'd first like to say I feel your same pain and congratulate you on your persistence to locate the source of the pain.
I am a 26 yr Civil Engineer. I have been experiencing constant chest pain for 4 months now (July 04). The pain appeared out of the blue one day and has persisted since. [B]I do not feel depressed or anxious[/B]; however BECAUSE of the PAIN have tremendous fear/anxiety over it. My pain goes anywhere from a 1 to a 6 (1-10 scale, 10 being severe) but the pain is for the most part is constant 2-3. I honestly can’t tell if the pain is inside or outside of my chest cavity. The chest pain is mostly in my left pectoral that SEEMS to start from my sternum and radiate to my armpit. I'd say most of the pain is in my left armpit pec region. And sometimes on the right but not constant. I have gone to the emergency room twice, had 4 EKG's, a stress echocardiogram, X-rays on the chest, and blood work done and all of the tests came out negative for heart problems. I've gone to 4 different doctors and ALL tell me I have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). I was on Prozac for 2.5 months with no relief, my new doctor which I believe supports me switched me to Lexapro. Every other doctor blew me off, told me it wasnt a big deal, and gave me an anti-depressant prescription. The Lexapro has decreased my anxiety (panic attacks) but I still have this chest pain.

I am to my wits end with this pain. Sometimes I feel like maybe the doctors are right, and it really is in my head. And other times I worry that maybe their missing something and that there is something wrong with my heart. Tomorrow I am going to go to a chiropractor and see if this will alleviate the pain. I am told that it will take a few times going to correct the alignment in the back to stop the chest pain.

I'd would love to hear everyone’s story and if anything they have done has alleviated the pain. I think all of us would feel better with some success stories.

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