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Hello i cant stand it anymore,
i feel like im going mad, i cant stop thinking i am going to die.i am convinced i will die in my sleep form a brain haemorrage,i cant help it do suffer with a panic disorder and refuse to take meds as cipramil(celexa) made me really really ill.i have 2 children, who it must be affecting,,,my doctor has told me i have very bad siniusitus,
thats wats causing the headaches but it just doesnt register,i have taken loads of different antibiotics but nothing works.......
my face hurts im always dizzy, i feel like my head is in a cloud, and nothing is memory is awful too since all this started,and it used to be really really good.
i have tried everything.nose drops/steam everything but nothing works, i think that is why i have convinced my self it is something bad.
im 22 and healthy but i just cant stop these silly thoughts if anyone can help.and not suggest meds i would really appreciate it....Joanne

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