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Greetings Board Members:

After lurking thoughout the Healthboards looking for support for some of my symptoms, I decided to share my story with all of you looking for additional support as well as letting you know that there is someone else out there that feels all of your pain and concerns that we live with....

I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder when I was 24-25 back in 1997. I know they started at least in college prior to that and probably before when I was in high school. After I graduated college things got pretty bad with stomach issues that were diagnosed as IBS and then depression and then Panic which was the underlying cause of most all of it. I tried different meds... Xanax at first as I was put on Prozac, could not tolerate, then Remeron which seemed to work at the exepnse of big time weight gain and loss of sexual appetite all together. After 6 months and wanting to be less heavy and have sexual feelings, I was put on Serzone which when we found the right dosage did the trick, for 6 years. During that time my stomach problems cleared up, I felt better and led a great life which I still reap the benefits of today.

Last October, my Primary Care physician suggested to talk to my psychatrist to go off the Serzone. I hadn't even had to visit doctors in a long while so I weaned off the Serzone myself slowly over a few months. Since then I have been fine until the last few months as my stomach problems seemed to have reared their ugly head again. These symptoms have been given as gastritis with the old IBS problem. Prevacid and I am out the door to recovery, so I thought.

Since the stomach problems brought on anxiety 10 years ago they seem to be repeating the same in the present day. Symptoms bring on nervousness that the cycle is starting all over again. Tried to fight it myself but ended up back at the PC and the Psych. Doc's office. Given Xanax again and told that it might be fluke occurance since I have been Panic free since going off the Serzone.

However, in the past few weeks, along with my stomach problems I have had heightend anxiety with minor panic and took Xanax to get rid of. My thoughts are should I try to go back on the medicine? Serzone off market in US but is available in generic form still and since I had no problems the 6 long years I was on it my Psych. recommended that this would be next if I could not manage with Xanax individually. My PC says he does not like Serzone, so this is in conflict with other advice.

I do not want to go through another round of medicine experimentation with side affects and all because I know what works, but I also know all the new warnings about my old drug, or is this just a freak occurance?

I'm sorry I rambled on for so long but that is because I just came down from a large PA that lasted long and hopefully is over with 1mg of Xanax in my system. I would like to thank all in advance who take the time to read this and give input.


"Thought I Was Cured, but might be Relapsing"


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