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Very Interesting!!!
Dec 10, 2004
Me and my causin were talking about religion the other night for like 2 hours.
Most of you know that my panic attacks started after bad trip on extacy.
We were talking about how in the beginning there was adam and eve and the apple (the fruit of knowledge).
Well I came to the conclusion that the extacy was my apple it gave me knowledge about life and death. I never feared death growing up because i didn't have the knowledge of what it feels like and what happens when you do die.
So the extacy (apple) gave me the knowledge of what life and death really is.
I was 19 moved out of parents house got my own place started college and really began to enjoy life and wanted to experiance more. That's where drugs came in to play.
Now I fear death because the extacy gave me knowledge of what it is.
I am a saved christian, but the fear death still frightens me because of the fear of the unknown.
Bassicaly we don't know what happens after you die, but in theory we either go to hell or heaven...or i guess for others who don't believe in heaven or hell which will be death is death and you don't know your dead.
So if you believe in heaven and hell, lead a christian life and be saved to know when you die you will go to heaven.
If you don't believe in heaven and hell, then i guess know when you do die you will be dead and not no your dead.
It's a rollercoaster ride in the brain to think about death, deep down most people with panic disorder fear death, so I hope this helps and i hope you find your apple.

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